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Hong Kong Trails overview

Hong Kong, the "World City" is not only a business hub and a shopping mecca, it's also an adventurers playground. With over Two thirds of the territory remaining undeveloped. Hong Kong's natural mountainous terrain offers the biker many opportunities. With a network of trails within easy reach it has the potential to become one of the regions leading biking destinations. Unfortunately only a few of these trails are actually open to cyclists. Still, it's a great place to be rider and it can only become better.

As of 2015 the Mountain Bike Cycling Permit has been CANCELLED.

All riders who wish to enjoy the trails need to follow the "Code of Mountain Biking" set out by Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department.





Sai Kung Country Park Trails Overview

Sai Kung East Counrty park definitively worth a trip. The open trails do not not offer the most spectacular riding in Hong Kong, but Sai Kung Counrty park is wild and preserved. Wan Tsai Island is the only place within the country park where you'll be able to ride anywhere you want and which is also totally suitable for complete beginners.

Tai Lam Country Park trails overview

Tai Lam Country Park hosts the largest network of trails and roads open to mountain biking. You'll find in this park very challenging or cross-country routes, a large loop suitable for everyone, a 2 km trail used as a downhill track, and many roads free from traffic to gain fitness and stamina.

Ho Pui trail

Riding in Lantau Island

Lantau Island is the largest Island in Hong Kong. You'll find there are trails suitable for mountain biking inside and outside the country parks. It's a great destination to go riding for a full day and offers enough challenges that you'll be going back for more


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Lantau Island is a fantastic place to ride with its very versatile country park open trail and some good options to ride long distances. It's a perfect place to go and spend a weekend at any of the excellent hotels on the island and ride the incredible mountain bike trails that almost take you through time to a quieter & rural past in Hong Kong. Also take the opportunity to stop & wonder at the views from the trail or simply cool down at the beach...

HKMBA member, Ludwighihi, has created a facebook page devoted to biking on Lantau: Riding Lantau Facebook Page

Hong Kong island's natural environment contrasts heavily with the city’s ultimate urban development. The island's Country Park's trails and roads could be make a wonderful mountain biking network for Hong Kong residents and visitors but only one trail is currently open for mountain biking: Dragon’s back.
Trails in the New Territories
Tai Lam Country park hosts the largest network of trails and roads. Tai Lam Country Park is the Northen side of Tai Mo Shan - the highest peak in HK - riders often refer to the trails as "Tai Mo Shan's trails".
Sai Kung East Contry Park is certainly the wildest part of Hong Kong. You'll find one trail open to mountain biking and small peninsula  where you can where you can ride the any trails you want.
All about potentially good MTB trails in HK
General Overview of Trails in HK
This Category lists trails that have potential to be excellent MTB trails but are legally off-limits to MTB riders.
This sections describes all the trails located outside the Hong Kong Country Parks. There is no regulations concerning cycling in these areas and you do not need a permit to ride.

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