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Ho Pui Trail

Ho Pui trail is a challenging trail which starts from Route Twisk and descend to Tai Lam reservoir via Ho Pui reservoir area. One of the most popular trail in Hong Kong for all kind of experienced riders

International Downhill Track in HK

Hong Kong needs a real downhill track. A track where local riders can practice and where international competitions can be held. We are talking about a trail specifically designed for downhill riding. Not just a trail that is remotely suitable and unmanaged, like Tai Lam's Ho Pui trail.

The natural topography of Hong Kong is an ideal location for a world class downhill trail, its rugged mountains are easily accessible, offer no end of challenges, so why do we not have one?

To find out if this was a viable option we started to do a little digging, we poured over maps worked out what was needed and what was expected from a world class downhill trail, and this is what we've come up with.

Tracks Specs - what we want and should have on a real downhill trail

  • The track’s start and finish area must be accessible by a shuttle system.
  • The track must have all the features of international DH tracks: Fast trail sections with long flight jumps, narrow and rough sections, banked curves.
  • It must be at least 2 km long with at least 500 meters of vertical descent. The average riding time for a top level rider must be above 3 minutes – 7ot 8 minutes for an average rider.
  • The track must feature multiple lines to cater to all level of riders, some “expert” lines, some “intermediate” lines and some obstacle’s bypass lines (chicken runs).
  • The track should be doubled by a pedestrian trail used for maintenance and safety access, also used for the public to watch riders during training and competitions.
  • The track should have a management center, even a small one, where the track manager can oversee safety and management work.


Who pays for it?

Compared to the scale of regular public infrastructure a Downhill track would cost very little. For example: a downhill track that can attract an international cycling event would cost a fraction of a venue that could host an international track cycling event.

We would hope to get government support initially then rent the venue to a private management company who are used to dealing with outdoors sports. But there are many options to consider. We think that a downhill track could be financially sustainable. It has proved itself profitable in many regions of the world, even places without ski lift facilities like in the UK.


We’ve looked for a place matching the length and elevations specs and was also accessible to public vehicles on both, mostly out of the Country parks and not on any other kind of restricted land.

We found Diamond Hill.

The track could start in Ma On Shan Country Park on Mau Tat Peak and quickly exit the country park to get on public land. It could end on Tsz Wan Shan Estate Service Play Ground in Diamond Hill district.
Here again, anyone who knows a location where such a track could be built (with the specs described above) must let us know about it.

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How can you held making this project happen?

This a very BIG project and won’t happen overnight. To make it happen we will need people, time and money.
  • You can help us by just talking with your friends about this project and giving us feed back and new ideas.
  • You can help by finding someone within your contacts who can facilitate the projects with his contacts and network or financial resources.
  • You can help is you can apply some of your personal capacities and expertise into making the project happening.
  • You can help if you are an organization who would like to join this venture and be a partner of the Hong Kong international Downhill track.
If you have any idea, if you can help in anyway with this project just contact us.

Lady Clemente's ride

this is possibly one of the best trails in Hong Kong, unfortunately it is not open to bikers!


Lady Clemente's Ride is a beautiful section of trail that is part of the Hong Hong Trail. Unfortunately, this section of trail is presently off-limits to Mountain Bikers, however that fact has not stopped riders from sneaking around it from time to time. For most riders who live on Hong Kong Island this trail is the closest one available which is why they take the risk.Reports from riders who have broken the law say that is an excellent MTB trail because it is fun for all levels of cross-country MTB rider.

The LCSD promote this trail for hiking on their website:


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Lamma Island Trails

Lamma is a fantastic escape for people living on HK island who want to ride for a few hours. The island's trails have almost all been built by local riders and are challenging to ride. It's a great place to ride and stay for a post ride meal or drinks


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Lantau Island is a fantastic place to ride with its very versatile country park open trail and some good options to ride long distances. It's a perfect place to go and spend a weekend at any of the excellent hotels on the island and ride the incredible mountain bike trails that almost take you through time to a quieter & rural past in Hong Kong. Also take the opportunity to stop & wonder at the views from the trail or simply cool down at the beach...

HKMBA member, Ludwighihi, has created a facebook page devoted to biking on Lantau: Riding Lantau Facebook Page

Hong Kong island's natural environment contrasts heavily with the city’s ultimate urban development. The island's Country Park's trails and roads could be make a wonderful mountain biking network for Hong Kong residents and visitors but only one trail is currently open for mountain biking: Dragon’s back.
Trails in the New Territories
Tai Lam Country park hosts the largest network of trails and roads. Tai Lam Country Park is the Northen side of Tai Mo Shan - the highest peak in HK - riders often refer to the trails as "Tai Mo Shan's trails".
Sai Kung East Contry Park is certainly the wildest part of Hong Kong. You'll find one trail open to mountain biking and small peninsula  where you can where you can ride the any trails you want.
All about potentially good MTB trails in HK
General Overview of Trails in HK
This Category lists trails that have potential to be excellent MTB trails but are legally off-limits to MTB riders.
This sections describes all the trails located outside the Hong Kong Country Parks. There is no regulations concerning cycling in these areas and you do not need a permit to ride.

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