Adrenaline tracks

Situated near Sheung Shui, Ting Ping Shan is an area where trails have been developed by local riders. You'll find there a XC loop frequently used by the HK Cycling association for its races, two short downhill tracks featuring some jumps and banked curves and an impressive dirt-jump park (when maintained).

Ting Ping Shan trails are partly located on the side of a military shooting range so the place may be closed by the People's Liberation Army once in a while - a few times during the year.

Getting there

The best way to get to Ting Ping Shan is to get a van to the Sheng Shui and fing the North District Sport's playground, go across the bridge further down on your right when you're facing the playground's entrance and stop front of a public toilet facility before the road narrow. From this drop off spot, keep going straight, pass the first intersection and get on the next road (very damaged) and head for the hill (500m further). Stay on the track which goes around the hill until you see some shelters. You should see trails, jumps, banked corners all around. Welcome to Ting Ping Shan.

You may want to try to get there by KCR, getting of at Sheng Shui station. Refer to our Transportation Guide article for more details.

The trails

The trails and riding features were entirely made by local riders.  They regularly put a lot of effort in order to maintain it or make new sections before HKCA races. You should find in Ting Ping Shan a 1.8 km very tough XC loop (a real roller coaster), two DH tracks (800 meters and 1.4km).

Check ou the Gallery to see pictures of the races organized there. 

The XC loop.
This loop is tough as hell. It climbs hard, it's rough, it's loose and it's steep and rutted. We've traced the trail used for competitions on the Google map for your reference but you'll have to figure it out by yourself while on location. There isn't any signs to tell you were to go.
The best is to join an HKCA competition and do 8 to 16 laps so you'll figure out well enough what is the right loop!

The Downhills
There is two tracks. One is near the starting on the hill near the shelters, the other one - the long one - is on the other side of the shooting range (from the shelters).
The short one has multiple lines making it very good for skills trainning, the longer one is steep and technical and request a good 15 minutes of bike carrying to reach the top.

At the end of 2011, it was reported that there may be difficulty accessing both Downhills: Visitors/tourists who want to ride DH in Hong Kong without securing an AFCD permit may therefore wish to consider using the trails on Lamma island (in particular the Snake's Trail DH aka Snake's Tail) instead.

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