The nice ride

The loop around Tai Lam reservoir is a scenic trail. which is pleasant to ride. It's a place that all levels of riders can enjoy. The Northern part of the loop is a trail, the other side is a Country Park road.

Getting There:

From Route Twisk

Most people follow the Ho Pui trail to get to the Tai Lam trail/loop, but this is a tough route not suitable for the inexperienced riders. Chech The Ho Pui Trail article to find your way from Road Twisk

From Yuen Long / Tai Tong Road

ride up Tai Tong Shan road until you get to the Country Park entrance gate, then follow the road to Tai Lam reservoir. The trailhead will be on your right at the bottom, over the small pedestrian bridge.

From Tuen Mun / Gold Coast

Follow So Kwun Wat road. Pass the urban sprawl, the valley narrows and the road eventually reaches a forested area, 1/2 km later you will see an intersection, turn right, then turn first left and go all the way up to the dam. You'll pass a BB gun wargame camp on the way to the dam.

At the dam you have reached Tai lam reservoir's loop and you can go either way - left or right. Left is the trail section first and you'll end with the road sections, Right is the opposite. The road climbs are more gradual counterclockwise.

It's possible to leave your car at the dam's bottom

WARNING: So Kwun Wat road actually goes straight to the Tai Lam Reservoir's loop but is NOT OPEN to cycling, or even pushing your bike. The AFCD cannot get permission to gain access to this section of the road which is managed by the Water department. The Country Park wardens are sometimes waiting at the bottom of this road section to give tickets to unfortunate riders coming down.

Through Siu Lam Road

You can access Tai Lam reservoir on it's furthest South Eastern side using Siu Lam Road. You can park near the dam. This access is in the middle of nowhere, but if you're driving form Kowloon it still a possibility.

The trail

Tai Lam reservoir north trailThe reservoir's northern and western side are a trail. This trail is mostly flat and follows the reservoir's shoreline. there are a few difficulties but the trail is easy by HK's standards. You'll find many sharp corners with loose surfaces, and a few bumps and steps. The trail is highly used by hikers so be careful not to go too fast around the blind corners. be prepared to stop in order to let a groups pass through.

The western side of the trail goes over a series of small hills. You'll find some steps and rutted areas, where hike a biking is necessary.

The Southern side is a Country Park road starting at the main reservoir's dam. This road is scenic and pleasant to ride counterclockwise. Only a few sections are steep but still accessible to anyone with a mountain bike.

The entire loop is about 22 km long and you can expect to be riding for 2 hours +.

Download our Trail Fiinder here: icon Trail Finder - Tai Lam Country Park (2.9 MB) or Route Finder: icon Route Finder - TMS (2.42 MB)



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