The toughest XC trail

The Ho Pui trail run is essentially a continuation of the trail that you ride to get to the Ho Pui downhill trail. It is a great cross-country alternative to doing the downhill, full of technical rock gardens and gnarly roots. It is also a good way, for those on lighter bikes to create a loop that will take you back up to the start of the downhill.

The Ho Pui Trail is the same trails that you would ride to get to the Ho Pui Downhill but continues on after the downhill track's start and goes down to Tai Lam resevoir.

Ho Pui trail - rough section

It's a great cross-country trail full of rock gardens and gnarly roots. Despite its cross-country appelation the Ho Pui reservoir's section that follows the hill's countour is more difficult to ride than the downhill track leading to Ho Pui reservoir. Experienced and strong riders can use the Ho Pui reservoir's trails (the DH and the contour trail) to make a tough XC loop.

Getting there

Follow the same trail that you would to get to the start of the Ho Pui downhill. (See TMS downhill trail) This will bring you to the T junction where the downhill begins, it is clearly signposted.

The trail can be also be reached directly from Ho Pui village. Find the Country Park road and climb to Ho Pui reservoir's dam.

Contour trail to Ho Pui Pass

At the signpost continue straight on the trail you have been riding. The contour trail is very obvious to follow. It's a good technical XC ride, the trail is very rough with a lot of rock gardens. Some sections have a high regret factor, steep slopes off to the right side means losing your balance over the rocks and roots is not an option. Towards the end of there is a very enjoyable technical section for the more experienced rider. Warning this last section is not for the beginner DL: 8/10

Alternative to the difficult contour trail

Just follow the first part of the downhill track to the dam (you may walk the very steep 100 meters before the dam), cross the dam to a roundabout on the other side. You'll see a 2 meters wide trail going uphill, take it and turn immediately left on a narrower path then follow your way up to Ho Pui Pass

Ho Pui XC loop

This loop is going around Ho Pui reservoir and can only be ridden counterclockwise. It's physically and technically challenging for experienced riders.
From the downhill track's start get all the way down to Ho Pui's BBQ area then climb back to Ho Pui reservoir. You'll end at a round about on the dam's left side. You'll see a 2 meters wide trail on your right, take it and turn immediately left on a narrower path then follow your way up to Ho Pui Pass (that you reach after pushing your bike for 3 minutes). You can do a loop back to the BBQ area via the DH trail or get directly to Tai Lam reservoir.

Ho Pui reservoir pass to Tai lam reservoir

At the bottom you come to a T junction you have two options to the right is the descent down to Ho Pui reservoir (the end of the downhill section). And to the left the Ho Pui resevoir Pass. This section is very rough with a lot of rock gardens and drops. With precipitous rock strewn cliffs to the right this is probably thee most dangerous section of the entire trail, a fall here could be serious. At the end of this section is a set of stairs leading to a service road. Turn left.

Tai lam reservoir to The Gold Coast

After about 2k of fast sealed road you will get to a sitting out area with benches and tables on your left. A little chinese style bridge crosses a stream and marks the start of the Maclehose trail that contours Tai Lam reservoir.

This is a fast rolling trail that is ideal for beginners. Continue until you reach the dam. then:
WARNING: At the dam the road going down (So Kwum Wat Road) and seems a logical exit towards Gold Coast / Tuen Mun is NOT OPEN to cycling on a 500 meters. Many riders still use it but are taking the risk to get caught by the Park's warden who occasionally wait to give tickets at the bottom of this 500 meters regulated section!
The official exit is the next dam that you will have to reach by following the trai crossing the dam on your left.

From the second dam, follow the road down for about 1km untill an intersection, turn right and left on the next road (So Kwun Wat Road) and keep going for about 3km untill you reach Gold Coast's Marina (after Castle Peak road).

Food and Drink

At no point during the ride is there anywhere for supplies, take it with you. At the starting point you can buy supplies from a small store situated in the upper carpark. To get there look for a small side road to the right off route Twisk. Ride for 100m until you can see a building on the right. Here is toilet facilities and the shop, note that it is not always open, especially early in the morning. At the end of the ride, head for the Gold Coast marina complex. There are several restraints to choose from.

Best time to go

This route can be rode in most conditions, Dry and dusty in the summer months but deadly slippery in the rainy season. Go early, as the trails are popular with bikers and hikers


Take spare tubes and patches - expect to get pinch flats, it's rocky! Pump and basic multi tool
Basic first aid kit is essential; it can be a long walk out
Enough food and water to last for upto 3hrs hard riding


Type of Riding


Difficulty 6/10
Thill & Spill Rating
Trail Conditions
This route can be rode in most seasons/weather. Dry and dusty in the summer months but deadly slippery in the rainy season.
Best Time To Go
Go early, as the trails are popular with bikers and hikers

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