Tai Mo Shan - Tai Lam rides

Ho Pui

Tai Mo Shan being the highest peak in Hong Kong's premiere biking destination

Tai Lam Country Park features the most popular trails in Hong Kong. This is largely due to the trails profile, it starts at an elevation of 450 meters and drops to near sea level. The trailhead is also immediately accessible to vehicles from its highest point.

Tai Lam Country Park is the largest riding area in Hong Kong, with almost 20 km of trails open to mountain biking and 25 km of country park roads (2008). In Tai Lam there are many other trails suitable for riding mountain bikes but these trails are not yet open to riding. so most riders refer riding in Tai Mo Shan (TMS) when they are riding nearby in Tai Lam Country Park.

There are two distinct sections to Tai Lam the upper section being primarily a cross country trail that leads to the Ho Pui Downhill, a 2k downhill that hosts countless downhill competitions. The trails name is a bit of a con as it has never been developed to its true potential, there are no jumps or burms, that are expected on true downhills, that being said its still fun to ride, even on a cross country bike.

An alternative to the downhill is the continuation of the cross country trail, this is as gnarly as it gets with huge rock gardens and countless babies heads, its not for the novice and requires a huge amount of skill to be enjoyed.

The lower section of the park is the Tai Lam reservoir trail a gentle trail contours the large reservoir’s shore. ideal for all level of riders this trail is very popular.

The closed road network is particularly steep in places and requires stamina to be climbed. But the views more than make up for the effort required. Even though the roads are technically closed you will encounter the occasional vehicles having a tendency for cutting corners so always keep your left.

Their is a huge potential to expend the trail network around Tai Mo Shan and Tai lam, you can see the trails we think are suitable for mountain biking in this area in our Project section.

Here is a downloadable map:

icon Trail Finder - Tai Lam Country Park (2.9 MB) and our Route Finder: icon Route Finder - TMS (2.42 MB) and for a guide to the TMS road network:icon Route Finder - Tai lam (TMS) road network (2.44 MB)

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