Tai Lam - Tai Mo Shan

Tai Lam Country park hosts the largest network of trails and roads. Tai Lam Country Park is the Northen side of Tai Mo Shan - the highest peak in HK - riders often refer to the trails as "Tai Mo Shan's trails".

Tai Lam Country Park trails overview

Tai Lam Country Park hosts the largest network of trails and roads open to mountain biking. You'll find in this park very challenging or cross-country routes, a large loop suitable for everyone, a 2 km trail used as a downhill track, and many roads free from traffic to gain fitness and stamina.

Ho Pui trail

Ho Pui Trail

Ho Pui trail is a challenging trail which starts from Route Twisk and descend to Tai Lam reservoir via Ho Pui reservoir area. One of the most popular trail in Hong Kong for all kind of experienced riders

Tai Lam Reservoir loop

Trails and roads surounding Tai Lam reservoir create a 22 km loop which in many ways has the most accessible riding in Hong Kong

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