Land of the free

Wan Tsai Island is the only area within the country park where mountain biking is allowed anywhere. You see a trail: you can ride it!

Getting there

There is no real easy way to get to wan Tsai island. To get there you must make your way to the entrance of Sai Kung Country Park. Proceed through the boundary gates and along the road to Hoi Ha village. At Hoi Ha proceed through the village until you get to a footpath/trail that will lead you to the peninsula proper.

Alternatively some riders will make their way to Wong Shek pier and take the local ferry service or hire a local sampan to take them to the peninsula (warning hiring a sampan is technically illegal as they are not mean't to carry passengers, and marine police make regular raids. Also check out the ferry schedule as they are quite infrequent.

The trails

The entire island is designated, as a mountain bike site and the network of wide fire roads are free to explore. You can even go of road there isn’t really any defined trails so it’s a matter of making your own but the island is small enough that you wont get lost. There are public conveniences and washing facilities on the peninsula but that is about all so take all your own previsions.

For an example of the trails check out our google map or download our Trail Finder: icon Trail Finder - Sai Kung (2.06 MB)

The loop

Start from the campsite and get on to the large dirt road behind the facilities, turn right (counter clockwise). Find a small trail leading to the shore just after the facilities, it will begin to climb and become rough and rutted, it follows the shore along the tree line, then heads back to the main road. Follow the main road all the way up (maybe 1 km) until the trail starts to go down on gravel. You’ll notice the gravel because it makes going fast tricky.

The road will have turn sharply left, with a noticeable dirt trail shooting straight, then to your right to follow the shore again. This section is very rough and will loop back to the gravel road area. Another trail will follow and start descending. Some sections are narrow and rough. Just follow the most obvious line. You will end up on a large trail that you follow until you reach the main road again. The road then descends back to the starting piont.

This is an ideal day out for beginners or families as it offers much easy riding through shaded woods, gentle climbs and easy descents, the more experienced rider may be left wanting more.

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