Hong Kong's wild east

Sai Kung Counrty Park and its environs certainly the most preserved part of Hong Kong offering a mix of extreme technical and extreme beginner trails. Its well worth the trip

You won't see any gigantic urban developments, any power stations, or any kind of industrial area visually polluting the beautiful South China coast. Instead you'll find the typical Hong Kong new territories villages, fisherman's villages, archipelagos of small islands and a few roads and trails to connect the whole lot.

Sai Kung country park is very secluded. Their is only one road access available to the Country Park's entrance: Pak Tam Chung. Their is no ferry links from HK island and the pnly way to get there is by road, expect at least a one hour journey by van to get to the park's entrance.

Sai Kung has one trail - Pak Tam Chung to Hui Ha - and Wan Tsai Island area which is open to mountain biking. Wan Tsai island is actually a peninsula that you can access from Hoi Ha Village. If you are an experienced and fit you can plan riding to Wan Tsai Island via Pak Tam Chung Trail / Hoi Ha trail and come back to Pak Tam Chung by the road. Or try to catch a speed boat from Wan Tsai Island campsite pier to get to Wong Shek pier located at Pak Tam's road - this will save you riding about 4 km and a big hill.

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