Discovery Bay to Mui Wo

A killer ride linking Discovery Bay to Mui Wo.

ATTENTION - As of August 2012 the Trappist Trail has been blocked by the developer, Hong Kong Resorts. The developer refuses to reveal what their plans are. In addition the country park boundaries have now been expanded so that that this ride is now officially illegal. 

The toughest link

A Brutal climb followed by a gnarly descent this trail links Discovery Bay to Mui Wo and its a killer, very rutted with huge natural steps its not for the novice or faint of heart.

This challenging trail can be the warm up for an epic day, if you combine this trail with Chi Ma Wan you are certain to feel the burn. However the trail is planned to become part of the HK Country Park (2008) and will be subject to regulations so get there before it may become illegal to ride it!


Getting there

The first part of this trail is the Discovery Bay Monastery Loop, refer to the corresponding article to find direction.

The Trail

From the Monastery take the path to the left side of the road that goes uphill. The climb becomes very steep in places and will eventually bring you out on to a pass. At the top climb the set of steps to your left. Follow a ridge trail for a few hundred metres. The trail will suddenly dive to your right. It's extremely steep and rutted, it then continues down slightly to the left, to another steep section. The natural trail becomes very broken so try to follow the most obvious thread. The final downhill section is extremely gnarly terminating at a small village path. Nothing is indicated but you will eventually make your way down to the coastal path.

As soon as you reach the coastal path head right - towards Mui Wo.

Expect this ride to take you 1:30 hour +. Go on weekends when you can try to follow local riders in order to find your way down to the coastal path.

This trail can only be ridden from Discover Bay to Mui Wo, you won't be able to ride back without carrying your back up thousands of steps.

You can get back to DB using the ferry shuttle located in Mui Wo in front of Mac Donalds, on the right side of the Main ferry building. There is a ferry every 2 hours on weekends.

DB to Mui Wo

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