The monastery loop

A short and challenging trail that skirts the DB golf course and ends at the monastery.

Getting there

DB, from golf to  monastaryTo get to Discovery Bay (DB) you will need to catch a ferry from Central ferry pier 6. The ferries are frequent; check the ferry timetable for times.

On arrival at Discovery Bay proceed out of the Marina complex onto the main road. Turn right and proceed along the road soon begins to climb up to the dam above DB. Continue along the road until you reach a road tunnel.

The trailhead

The trail begins just before the tunnel, to the left you will see an obvious contour trail, that is clearly signposted.

The trail

The trail skirts the edge of the Discovery Bay Golf Course for a while before reaching a terrace where building material is stored. Take the trail to the left that leads to a lower terrace. Follow the obvious path until you see a small trail off to the left.

Turn left and immediately descend a short set of steps and a drain storm, followed by a very technical rocky descent and a brutal climb that leads to the lookout point above Nim Shue Wan.

The trail proceeds with a steep and rugged descent that soon levels out to contour the hillside. At the edge of the DB estate the trail turns left down another rocky but ride able until you reach a small stream, from here the trail continues along a washed out section of trail finally ending at the road and the Trappist Monastery. This last section can be very muddy at times.

Way Back: From the monastery go back down the road for 500 meters until you find a paved path heading on your left. This path has a some stairs you'll need to walk up, and more you'll need to ride down. Just follow the path in the most obvious way towards Discovery Bay.
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