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I’ve been cycling Indonesia since 1990.
Beginning 2009 I’ve led 14 group trips for 100+ riders on the island of Sulawesi.
Sulawesi is ideal for cycle touring. Life is still mostly traditional, lots of quiet back routes and the people are welcoming. The landscape varies every few kilometers. There are still active volcanoes, rugged jungle clad mountain ranges, rice plains and terraced hillsides, while sand coastlines and idyllic offshore palm fringed coral islands. In addition to the cycling there’s international class diving and snorkeling, white water rafting and mountain trekking.

We organize fully supported trips on various parts of the island.
We make a serious effort to provide a genuine cultural immersion experience.
We plan our trips so riders can experience Indonesia as it really is. Routes are in non tourist Indonesia. Food is authentic Indonesian cuisine. Every effort is made to provide riders with a non tainted genuine Indonesian experience.

We are not commercially motivated. We are motivated by love of cycling and love of Indonesia.

TRIPS GUIDE 2013 - 2014

Central Sulawesi
17 Days - 943 km / Elevation: 5582 m
16 September - 01 October 2013
6 riders
Trip begins in Palu on the central west coast of Sulawesi and finishes, 943 km later in the east coast town of Luwuk. Trip takes in the rugged and scenic mountains of Central Sulawesi, crystal clear Lake Poso, idyllic Togian islands and the coastal coconut route from Poso to Luwuk. Swimming available 15/16 days.

South South Sulawesi
9 Days - 498 km / Elevation: 5303 m
01 - 09 December 2013
A$ 1599
6 riders
This trip begins in Makassar and takes us into the mountains and valleys of the Malino highlands where we’ll enjoy magnificent scenery of rice terraced hillsides and rustic vegetable growing villages on our way to Sinjai on the east coast. From Sinjai we’ll head south to the white sand beaches of Bira and idyllic off shore islands to do some snorkling. On our way back to Makassar we’ll pass traditional boat building at Tana Beru, have a picnic lunch at Bantaeng waterfall, spend the night by the beach in the horse and corn district of Jeneponto before passing through market gardens between Takalar and Makassar.

Toraja Land
14 Days - 648 km
17 - 30 January 2014
6 riders
This trip begins in Makassar and finishes back in Makassar in January 2014. It includes cycling in the cultural heartland of Toraja, guided mountain trekking, Torajan village homestays, white water rafting, yoga, bahasa Indonesia instruction, outdoor thermal springs relaxation.

8 Days - 287 km
18 - 25 April 2014
6 riders
This inaugural Bali trip starts in the artistic centre of Ubud in April 2014 and for a week we’ll explore the non tourist north and north-eastern parts of Bali returning to Ubud on the day before the trip ends. Trip features community work in mountain village Sudaji. The cycle days are short, averaging 55 km but for the most part they are hilly.

International Cyclist to Asia

If the idea of riding through rural villages soaking up the culture then China Bike offers a wide range of packagesContact: Tim OrbendorfTel: (852) 2454 9191

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Asia Pacific Adventures (Mountain Bike Skills Course)

A One day course ideal for both beginner and intermediate mountain bike riders. Participants will practice the key skills in trail riding. The course is a workshop oriented day where participates will practice skills on a circuit of man made obstacles. Private lessons with customized programs to work on specific skills are also available for individuals and groups of all levels.

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



All you need to know about getting started in Hong Kong

Guided rides and skills courses

For the new to HK finding your way around the labryinth of trails can be a real nightmare and having the necessary skills to be able to ride some of these trails can be a real challenge. But help is to hand a few companies in HK are offering skills courses and guided rides

Day tripping

Few companies in Hong Kong offer the novice or new rider better opportunities to brush up on skills and find out where to put those skills to practice

The mountain biking skills section will teach you a set of fundamental skills that will make your riding safer and faster. The lessons listed bellow were developped by Julien Lallemand as an answer to the technical difficulty of Hong Kong trails for beginners and intermediate level mountain bikers.
This mountain biking skills section will teach you a set of fundamental skills that will make your riding safer, better and faster. This section's content is brought to you by Julien Lallemand. Julien developed a mountain bike skills teaching method and taught regular mountain bike skills clinics in Hong Kong
Here are some special tips to remember when you hit the trails or when  the trail hits you right back in Hong Kong!

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