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Van Hire


With public transport being what it is in Hong Kong, the best and most convenient way to get to the trailhead is by hiring a van. They are relatively cheap to hire and are in general very reliable.

Call and give your pickup location, then your destination. The operator will give you a price and ask for your phone number. They will call you back when they've located a van that can pick you up.


Giving location names in Chinese makes things easier as long as you can pronounce them correctly. If you have troubles making yourself understood give an pickup location which name is the same in both languages, CENTRAL, AIrport Express). To avoid misunderstandings about your drop off place bring a map.

Any additional pickup / drop off place is charged according to the distance separating it from the previous place. Waiting time is charged hk$ 5 for every 5 minutes.


Each van can host up to 5 rider and 5 bikes. For a trip from Central to Tai Mo Shan / Tai Lam expect to pay hk$180 - 200 as a base price for one way.

Departing from HK island and heading towards the Nwe Territory (Tai Lam) you may want to gain 30 minutes on your trip by asking to go through the West Harbor Tunnel and pay an extra hk$ 55 to do so.

Recommended vans
2789 9999 - A good command of English
2380 2211 - English is basic, but are cheaper than the first one
2833 0008 - Cheaper still but very little English
98067670 - Howard, Very popular with the TMS crew, so booking on Saturday AM will be difficult
Other van hire companies
2380 2211
2396 6666
2110 3333
2774 4444

Ferry Times

If you are thinking of going to one of the out lying islands it is best to check the schedules of the ferries, certain ferries do not allow bikes so its best to make sure beforehand (use ferry allowing freight). All ferries from Central are departing from the Central Ferry Piers. Check out the times below:
Travelling to Lantau
Use the following link to search for ferries going to from:
Central to Mui Wo
Mui Wo to Chi Ma Wan (if you want to avoid the 5 km ride from Mui Wo to Chi Ma Wan)
Travelling to Discovery Bay
There is one ferry every 20 minutes. All ferries accept bikes.
Discovery Bay buses to the Airport are accepting bikes (unlike the other lines). You can hop on this bus to get on the Northern side of the island (there is a stop on the Tunnel Northern side).
Discovery Bay to Mui Wo
A ferry links Mui Wo to DB every 2 hours. You can use this ferry to get back to DB and then hop on the very fast DB - Central (it's not the same pier, you'll need to go accross DB to get to the main Pier - it takes 5 mins). You'll find a time table and waiting shelter almost in front of Mui Wo's Mc Donalds (on your left exiting the main ferry pier). Using this ferry connection is sometimes a good option when you've missed the Mui WO - Central.
Travelling to lamma
Now all ferry are accepting bike. On weekends there is one ferry almost every half an hour.


Crossing Hong Kong harbour to TST with Star Ferries

You can only cross the harbour by ferry using Wan Chai Star Ferry pier. There is one ferry every 15 to 25 minutes. Bikes can't get on board between 4 and 5 pm but you're likely to get on board at that time from TST side (for some reasons they let you in).
Trains, MTR, KCR (now incorporated into the MTR).
None of HK train systems apart from the Airport Express let you roll your bike in. For most lines, baggage size regulations are not even allowing a bicycle bag.
However, in late December 2011, MTR representatives admitted at one of the regular meetings between the Transport Department and various bicycle organisations that bicycles are permitted on all MTR lines with the front wheel removed. They apparently consider that once the front wheel is removed, a bicycle becomes ‘luggage’.
We strongly suggest that you respect other users of the MTR if you do use it to transport your bike. Consider using the front or back of the train as those areas are usually less crowded, and don't block the exits. It is best to avoid rush hour (8-10am on weekdays and Saturday, and 4:30-7pm on weekdays only), since at these times it can be hard to get on or off a train, even without a bike!
Tung Chung by Airport Express
The only we know is to use the Airport Express, stop at the airport and make our way out of the airport without cycling on the freeway. It's possible but complicated. If you are more than 2 riders who want to get to Lantau via Tung Chung ti makes more sens hiring a van.
KCR to Lo Wu
You can check-in your bike on KCR line to Lo Wu (Shenzhen). On this line you can also pack your bike in a light bike bag and pay a surcharge for bulky baggage. this line stops in Sheng Shui where Ting Ping Shan XC and DH circuits are located.

Try your luck
You may have a good chance to get in the KCR with your bike in a bike bag (with the 2 wheels off, possibly in a plastic bag) without getting stopped. Don't get spotted by wearing your helmet or a complete DH or Lycra outfit. Avoid rush hours and get on the train's extremities being careful not to block the train emergency exits.


Taxis are generally very accommodating accept to carry bicycles and the trunk can usualy fit 2 bikes. If you're planning on getting a taxi with your bike make sure you place a rag between the trunk's door and the bike or you'll find you frame dented.
Taxi fares are equivalent to vans fares, but you can fit 5 bikes and riders in a van. 
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