Skills Fundamentals

This mountain biking skills section will teach you a set of fundamental skills that will make your riding safer, better and faster. This section's content is brought to you by Julien Lallemand. Julien developed a mountain bike skills teaching method and taught regular mountain bike skills clinics in Hong Kong

Bumps and ditches

As we’ve seen you must try to remain as balanced as possible however the bike tilts. When a bump or a hole comes up you want your bike to stay stuck on the ground while your center of gravity remains stable. You’ll be using your arms and legs to keep your center of gravity on a line as flat as possible


Graphic: standing, crouching, standing, crouching. With speed press down to avoid taking offbumps graphic

  • Extend your arms and legs, but lean slightly back.
  • Let the bike tilt up by flexing your arms, then your legs.
  • On the top of the bump you should be crouching on the bike.
  • Let the bike go down, press on the bars then the pedal if you’re going fast over the bump. You do not want to take off

Photo Sequence: the bike sticks on the ground despite the speed, the upper body remains leveledbump small


Graphic: the opposite of a bump

  • Get in crouching position, upper body very low, arms and legs flexed.
  • Push the bike into the ditch by extending your arms and legs.
  • Then, let the bike tilt up.
  • You should exit the ditch in the same position you’ve entered it.
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