Making inroads

The current plan of extending Hirams highway has locals asking for a cycle path

Widely known for its scenic beauty and recognized by the government as ‘the Garden of Hong Kong’, Sai Kung is one of a handful of places in the SAR where residents and visitors alike can still experience a relaxed rural atmosphere. As a result, many people are happy to leave their cars behind and walk or ride around the neighbourhood. Unfortunately, there are few provisions for pedestrians and hardly any at all for cyclists. This is a situation that Friends of Sai Kung wants to change.

Currently, the Highways Department is planning to extend the dual carriageway of Hirams Highway from Ho Chung in the direction of Sai Kung. However, the Highways Department refuses to include a cycle track in its plans, despite the obvious benefits to the local community and visitors alike.

Friends of Sai Kung wants the Highways Department to work with the Sai Kung Town Planning Department to find a way to incorporate a cycle path in its plan – in the same way that the Highways Department has taken the commendable decision to support a cycle path along the Sai Sha road on the way to Ma On Shan town.

In the coming years, Friends of Sai Kung hopes to see a continuous cycle path linking the Sai Sha road and Hirams Highway in order to help promote cycling as part of a healthy lifestyle for our residents and visitors.

By Mark Leeper






Originally formed in January 2004 under the name of the ‘Sai Kung Association’, Friends of Sai Kung includes individuals from many different backgrounds who care about the town and its surrounding area.

Friends of Sai Kung come together to work on local projects that do not get sufficient consultation, social issues and unsustainable long term development, doing everything possible to preserve the best loved aspects of the Sai Kung community.

Activities include:
Exhibitions, meetings, lectures and seminars
Collecting and disseminating information on all matters relating to quality of life in the Sai Kung area
Contributing to decisions affecting the future of Sai Kung, through written appeals, public meetings and other methods
Identifying worthy projects that will improve Sai Kung's environment and implementing them

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