Caught in the act

The pain and bruises may be passing. check out these cool pictures of race just to remind yourself of why you did it!

The Lamma race attracted a lot of attention from professional photographers to keen amateurs all vying for that coveted gnarly spot hoping to catch that spectacular wipe out. In some places it seemed there were more snappers than riders putting themselves and riders in danger just to get that shot. And get the shots they did. So check out these following links.

Goto our very own HKMBA Gallery to see images from Shaun Horrocks and professional photographer Karl Prouse

No matter if you were styling it up or gasping in pain professional photographer Alan Hindle will have got a shot of you. He is selling prints of this momentous day with some of the profits going to HKMBA, so dig deep and buy, hell buy ten they’d make good Christmas gifts!!!! Alan's gallery is here.

Other photographers have uploaded there images onto other sites – go check em out.

By Mr. Cheng

By Titi:

By Den:

By Raymond Leung

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