Putting your neck on the line

As more of us head out to hit some gnarly trails we are aware of all the potential dangers. Legs, arms and even spines are heavily protected when we ride, But we still have a VULNERABILITY --- the neck....  Until now that is

Over the past few race seasons there have been some devastatingly fatal and near fatal accidents by some of the top pros. Most were spinal and neck injuries, The advancement of body armour and the introduction of back plates has meant some of these risks have been lessened, but not for the neck.  That full-face helmet may offer some protection to the head but it offers nothing to the base of the skull and neck.

Hong Kong's terrain and steep cliff sides makes riding here in places very dangerous, one momentary lapse of concentration can see you careening off the side of a cliff or into a boulder strewn ravine. In this kind of situation the base and the skull is most vulnerable.

Realizing this, and recognizing the growth of the sport Leatt-Brace the makers of neck protection systems for sports such as motocross, power-boating or basically any helmeted sport where your neck is on the line, have developed a brace specifically for mountain bikers --  the GPX. Its already been seen on the race circuit worn by the likes of Greg Minaar and Cedric Gracia.

Coming in two sizes and micro adjustable for fit this brace is designed to prevent hyperflexion (extreme forward movement), hyperextension (backward movement), lateral movement and axial loading (compression of spinal column).

So if you are worried about a snapping a vertebrae when you hit the dirt this brace may be worth considering


Check it out: http://www.leatt-brace.com

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