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CEDD has released a Request for Proposal to qualified contractors to perform a feasibility study on building mountain bike trails on South Lantau Island.

HKMBA has been working closely with CEDD to provide advice and input in order to assure that the best possible mountain bike trail options are implemented. 

The process for this project is as follows:

- Government will accept proposal responses from qualified consultants in the next month. They will then review the responses to determine the best qualified company.

- Once a bidder is chosen a one year in field study will be  conducted to look at an array of options for trails as well as coordinating with AFCD, local village, community and environmental interests.

- Study is submitted to CEDD who will then review the response and determine if the project will move forward

- If all goes well trail construction will begin


The  estimated time frame for this process is 18-24 months until actual construction of trails is completed

This project represents a unique opportunity for Mountain Bikers as this is the first mountain bike trail building project that  CEDD has lead and the first time bikers are actively involved in the planning process. The budget has been approved and we are moving forward. 

If anyone wants to get involved with this project or can offer advice or council please contact us.

Here is the link for the Request for Proposal from the CEDD site


Or you can obtain them from our site: South Lantau



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HKMBA Chairman  

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