Tyre obsession!


The right tyres can make all the difference, we’ve asked some of our local riders what’s their choice for Hong Kong’s inclement weather conditions

Julien lallemand
Cross country rider

Kenda Nevegal Stick-E 2.1. Bought at Bicycle world. 590g (non UST)
Fantastic tire for HK trails when tacky or dry. They look like 2.3s, have a wonderful grip to help climbing, braking and carving round the burms. They are very light for their size. They are durable and very grippy on most of the surface but the low profile tread makes them bad in mud.

The best tyres I ever had so far for all mountain riding in HK. 

Hutchinson Bulldog 2.2.
A very good tyre. Laterally they are very stiff. Fast rolling for the profile. Made out of a soft compound they wear out very fast.

Good on most terrains apart in mud.

Hutchinson Python 2.0
The most comfortable XC tire. ideal on dry hardpack. Stick to rocks when dry. Very good control on off-camber sections. Side knobs wears out very fast. Used to change both tires every 40 to 50 hours of riding.

For mud...

Maxxis "the swamp thing" 2.1
Impossible to find in HK! Mister Lee can't be bothered ordering it for me only. I had mine from France.
This tires is magic when it rains, it makes a massive difference on your riding habilities on wet trail - like Tai Mo Shan's upper section.
The wet season comes so we should order 10 of them to be sure the Maxxis distributor bothers


Jez Blanchard
All mountain/freerider



1. Maxxis High Roller ST
Rolls well, has good grip on rocks and in mud and damp stuff.


2. Kenda Nevegal, 2.35
As Juilen said, a big tyre for weight, great grip but side walls a bit thin and prone to puncture, they won't seal on UST rims either. A great tyre despite that. If they ran a 2.35 UST i would use it front and back.


3. Continental Gravity.
Great grip and rolls well. Only problem is they clog up in the mud and are a little playful at times.

Just trying a Maxxis Minion Front which so far is great and may go in at no 1 or 2!


1. Kenda Karisma 2.1 UST.
Read slip tyre, and thanks for the gashed arm! No grip on even mildly damp rocks.

2. Continental Vertical,
They slipped everywhere for the two rides it stayed on. Will sell or wear out on tarmac rides.

3. Maxxis Ignitor,
OK but not great, neither sweet rolling or mega grippy , will wear out and buy something else.



Crosscountry rider



Kenda Nevegal DTC 2.1 

A high volume tyre that works really well on rocks, loose soil and hardpack. 


Maxxis advantage 2.1 eXCeption series. 

Another high volume tire that is light weight and rolls fast. 


Maxxis ranchero 2.1 

Extremely light weight tyre that are ideal dry condition tyre. 



Michellen C4 1.95
Really a piece of sh*t. slips on every kind of trials.



Andy M



1. Maxxis Minion Super Tacky 42A DH version in 2.35 and 2.5 

Excellent tread pattern and great grip. Awesome braking grip (rear tyre). They run very true and are super reliable. However they are not to light and wear out fast on the rear.


2. Maxxis High Roller 42A 2.35 UST version 

Sheds mud quite well. Reasonable weight (200g less compared to DH versions). They seem reliable to me but other riders have pinch flatted this tyre. 
These tyres roll very well its almost like cheating!


3. Michelin Comp 32S medium compound (like a durometer 50 I think) 

A big huge tyre it’s a full 2.8 wide! Some people will bag me for liking such a big tyre. But that being said it adds a further 25mm to wheel diameter. They are great for hitting big rocks at speed with confidence. Super reliable air seal thanks to the thick sidewalls. Better suited on the front. It has a Classic Moto knob pattern that helps it to
roll very true, even for a Michelin. This tyre is better suited to winter DH riding in HK on a big bike. 



1. Michelin XL S UST 

The grip is only average. The sidewall is real thin that you can even see the beads But by far the worst thing about this tyre is
”it let go” (total air loss) at speed... I'm lucky to be writing this. 
Never ran true. 


2. Some cheap Tioga tires I had years ago. 


3. Michelin DH tires (other than Comp32S) 

They are heavy, don’t grip and wobble all over the place.


Whats your favourite tyre for Hong Kong? Tell us more, start a thread in the forum 


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