McCain, believes Iran is an evil state of terrorism.  He advocates not talking to them.  Obama asserts that instead of acting out of fear, have courage and talk to Iran with openness. McCain asserts that such an approach is naïve and shows lack of experience.

Our human experience reveals that for the past few millennia we humans have macro relationships built on confrontation and violent aggression. Our icons of 'success' are grasping, greedy, vain and egoic.  Elusive happiness is sort through psychological and physical sensation that is short lived and always require further gratification.

I paused this morning and enjoyed the view from my window, the rain falling through ghostly columns of mist that are rising from the lush green folds of Ma On Shan.  In that moment there were no thoughts only the moment, I was free from the nagging human mind, that is hooked on anguish over the past and fear of future.

That heaven is also achieved when flying down Topless, the Inca or Kaplung, the focus that is required is another moment of mindless bliss, a oneness with the bike, the trail, the speed, and the flashing vista of nature. That freedom, joy and happiness is similar to those moments when you see your new born baby emerge from the womb, you have no thoughts you are completely in the here and now. Or the time when I was riding on the High Island Reservoir and I saw an eagle strike a heron in midflight, for those timeless moments there were no thoughts of work, money or anything only a oneness.

For America and for HKMBA Its time to abandon experience that doesn't work, - for McCain to argue that the Republican foreign policy is working will be an interesting challenge to spin in the coming election, the list of places where its not working, Iraq, Afghanistan, Middle East, Cuba, North Korea, Latin America . . . It would be interesting to ask him to list the places where it is working?  In the schools and campuses that have metal detectors to eliminate guns?

Obama advocates dialogue, dialogue with no attachment to an outcome. History teaches us this approach can avoid confrontation and the endless repetition of confrontation, repeating the same action and expecting a different outcome that must be defined as insanity. Instead we see that conflicts can be avoided and breakthroughs have come from dialogue and courage, Sadat paid for his courage with his life, Ghandi too.  But through dialogue Northern Ireland now has a hope. South Africa also defied the most likely and probable outcome through the courage of reconciliation.

Now close your eyes for a second and see if you can have the purity of no-thingness, of no thoughts.  Not so easy?  No thoughts would be a huge threat to our ego, and our ego doesn't like that.  We confuse that ego, with thoughts, with our being, those thoughts are not us, we can choose them, if we are present to choice and not driven by our ego.  In order to experience a moment of respite from the nagging mind, try closing your eyes and imagine what will be the next thought to come into your mind.

It usually takes me a few moments before a thought comes.  That nothingness is you, it's the same that we access when hurtling down Kaplung, there is no time for thought, and reactions are so fast they are instinctive, from muscle memory.  The exhilaration at the bottom is the joy of mindless time, freedom, happiness.  Not something that comes from a plastic transaction of acquisition.

Whatever our experience of AFCD is, it comes from the past and if we drag that past with us into this endeavour we will make it our future, giving it up opens up possibility. That's what Obama said this morning about Iran.


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