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Volunteers Wanted - Trail Maintenance Day - Ho Pui Trail - April 7 

On April 7, 2013 HKMBA volunteers together with AFCD will perform trail maintenance work along the last section of Ho Pui Trail as it approached the reservoir. Work will involve trail armouring and clearing activities. In addition, we are looking for a few volunteers to act as trail steward to greet riders and tell them about the new Ho Pui entrance.

Here is the official rundown of the day from the AFCD:

1. Trail improvement works at the last section of Ho Pui Trail, near the Ho Pui Reservoir.  Since the works mainly involves rock armouring and minor clearance of bamboo, experienced volunteers are preferred.  However, new volunteers are also welcome.   

2. Some volunteers can work as trail stewards who will help us to promote the new Ho Pui Trailhead and the Trail Difficulty Grading System (i.e. green circle, blue square, black diamond).  The trail steward programme can last for around 1-2 hours in the morning and the volunteers who work as trail stewards can join the trail improvement works in late morning.  Tentatively, we shall set up pull-up banners at both Ho Pui Trailhead and the end of Ho Pui Trail, and trail stewards will help us to talk to peer mountain bikers about the new Trailhead and the Difficulty Grading System.   

On 7 April, we shall all meet at 9:15am at Twisk Management Centre (shuttle bus from Tsuen Wan MTR Station will be available at 8:45am), and there will be shuttle from Twisk Management Centre to the end of Ho Pui Section.  The whole programme on 7 April will end at around 3:00pm and there will be shuttle bus to go back to Tsuen Wan MTR.   

Please send me a list of HKMBA volunteers by 28 March (Thursday).  In the list, please indicate whether they will take the Shuttle Bus from Tsuen Wan or come by themselves, and whether they would work as trail stewards.   

For the volunteer group to work effectively, it would be much preferred to limit the number of volunteers from HKMBA to 20 people.  Volunteers shall bring their own water and food.   

If there is any Rainstorm Warning (Amber, Red or Black), Thunderstorm Warning or Tropical Cyclone Warning Signal no. 3 or above being hoisted by the Hong Kong Observation at 7:30am on 7 April 2013, the whole event will be cancelled without further notice. 

Please let us know whether you would like to volunteer by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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