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Guided rides and skills courses

For the new to HK finding your way around the labryinth of trails can be a real nightmare and having the necessary skills to be able to ride some of these trails can be a real challenge. But help is to hand a few companies in HK are offering skills courses and guided rides

Day tripping

Few companies in Hong Kong offer the novice or new rider better opportunities to brush up on skills and find out where to put those skills to practice

Cross Country Hong Kong

Established in 2007 CrosscountryHK has remained at the fore the past decade largely catering jet set travellers & locals alike seeking to explore
the region’s amazing trails without the combined ‘faff’ of bringing a bike &
all the logistics that go with it. 

Steady growth over the years now sees an impressive lineup of late model
Giant Trance’s, Santa Cruz Chameleons and GT’s. Most bikes sport dropper posts and 1x setups available for hire on trips. Both guides have an unparalleled trail
knowledge totalling 35years and an impressive resume of essential qualifications;
Wilderness First Aid, MIAS L2, UK NSI. Training sessions and multi day schools programs are also catered too.

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Phone: 63001980



Facebook: "Crosscountry HK"



Asia Pacific Adventures (Mountain Bike Skills Course)

A One day course ideal for both beginner and intermediate mountain bike riders. Participants will practice the key skills in trail riding. The course is a workshop oriented day where participates will practice skills on a circuit of man made obstacles. Private lessons with customized programs to work on specific skills are also available for individuals and groups of all levels.

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