Tread trends 

Whats the best tyres for Hong Kong and why

Trail conditions in Hong Kong, just like its weather vary from month to month. Those perfect days where the ground is tacky, the tyres a grip and you have perfect traction are rare. Normally it will either be very wet and slippery, in the summer months or dusty and loose in winter. Good tyre selection is important for each condition


General riding

You can get by most of the year with a good all-terrain tyre. They will offer ample grip and will cope with all the surprises. But as the seasons change you may want to consider getting specific tyres to do the job right.

The rainy season - Mud and sand

Wide tires with large high sidewalls and pronounced knobs help to grip the trail in wet and slippery conditions. Keep the tryes quite inflated especially the front as it makes the sidewall knobs more rigid which improves curving.

The Dry season - Dusty hard pack

A high volume tyre with a round profile and small short knobs are the best for the dry dusty trails of winter. Deflate them slightly so that they have more grip in the dusty conditions. But be careful not to run too low to avoid pinch flats.

What size of tyre

Most riders in Hong Kong like to run their bikes with a heavier duty larger wheel on the front, say a 2.35 or larger, and a skinner 2.1 xc trye on the rear. This allows maximum grip and steering on the front end while keeping the weight down on the rear. Some riders even prefer to ride with a smaller front specific tyre on the rear too as it offers greater grip, the trick is to reverse the treat pattern so that the tyre is technically the wrong way round. if youu're a weight weenie and a 2.35 front seems too big and heavy we recommend nothing less than a 2.1 otherwise you wil be spending more time fixing punctures than riding as the trail conditions can be hard on the tyre.


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