Ride Leaders Check List



Show Up

Barring horrendous weather or damaging trail conditions that make the decision to ride a no brainier, show up to lead your charges. Remember that people are counting on you to guide their day's adventure. However, the final decision to cancel a ride is always in the hands of the ride leader.

If circumstance arises that make it impossible for you to attend, try to find another qualified member to take your place. If this fails, contact the Ride Captain so he/she may make alternate arrangements.

Prepare In Advance

Proper planning is the easiest way to insure fun for everyone on your ride, especially your own. If you don't already pack them, make sure you have a minimal set of trailside tools. This includes flat changing gear, chain tool, a small assortment of allen wrenches, and a cell phone (if you already own one and it works on the trail). It is real helpful if you know how to use them! Good knowledge of the ride's trail system is a must. No matter how comprehensive you believe your knowledge is, don't underestimate how useful a map can be when catastrophe strikes and you need to get out of the bush as fast as possible.

Introduce Yourself

As MORE continues to grow so does the likelihood that you will not have met many of the people who show up to do your ride.


Make sure all riders heads are covered; no helmet. no ride. Just about every ride has at least one nasty section on it, so even though you may sound like grandma, don't let anyone come along without a lid.

Describe the Ride

To whet the appetite of your charges, describe some of the highlights of the upcoming ride. Make special note of "hairy areas".

As Advertised

While nature takes care of the terrain, when setting up your ride you chose a pace. Try to stick to it. Nothing is more frustrating to a new corner than showing up for a moderate or casual ride only to have the pace pushed by the local studs. Of course, if only the racing studs show up, go as face as you can!

Get a Headcount/Keep Track of Your Riders

Before leaving the parking lot, take an accurate headcount of ride participants. When out on the trail, station riders at intersections before continuing on to insure everyone make the correct turns. For large groups, a "buddy system" can help prevent confusion that might allow stragglers to be left behind. In these ways, you can be sure everyone is accounted for throughout the course of the ride.

Take Some Breaks

Stop and smell the roses, or at least snack on a Powerbar, occasionally. One of the key ingredients of a memorable ride is a good rest stop. Most loops provide ample opportunities: A scenic vista to take your breath away (or at least time to get it back!). Quick snack on a wild berry patch. Raucous skinny-dipping in a well-placed reservoir (after all, riding in wet shorts can be uncomfortable!). Extra points for ride leaders who create new, inventive rest stops.

Big Finish

Some suggestions for post ride activities... verify those driving can find their way out of the area, lie about cleaning some nasty climb or rock garden, make sure no one leaves a front wheel in the parking lot, locate the nearest Taco Bell.

and most important... Have Fun!

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