Come rain or shine

Why hang up your bike for the summer, its possible to ride all year round, if you're ready for it

Hong Kong's inclement weather conditions means you will be riding in sweltering heat or torrential downpours for most of the year. knowing what you're up against and being prepared is the key to riding all year round



Riding in spring and especially summer requires serious pre-ride hydration and serious fitness. You will have to carry a heavier load of water minimum recommended is 3l and be prepared to take more stops as the heat saps all your energy. Do not underestimate the effects of the heat and humidity, with temperatures reaching in access of 34deg Celsius and humidity in the high 90’s riding in these conditions takes a lot of dedication.

Even after living here a few years you think you’re acclimatized you’re not! Overexertion in the traditionally hotter and more humid months between April and September can result in the onset of heat exhaustion or even heat stroke.

Read up on your first-aid and learn to watch for the signs of both potentially fatal bodily reactions in both yourself and other riding partners.


The best time to ride in Hong Kong is without a doubt is fall through winter, October through early March are the best months. Typically daytime temperatures are around 26 degrees Celsius but can fall as low as zero on the top of Tai Mo Shan at nighttime. Temperatures of 8-12 degrees are not uncommon in the New Territories around February, so be prepared take a light windproof coat with you so that you can stay.

Stay hydrated

Mountain biking like any strenuous outdoor activity in Hong Kong will leave you sweating even in the cooler months. So be prepared! The secret is to constantly hydrate your body, starting the day before a ride, (especially in summer) drink plenty of fluids; a mixture of plain water as well as re-hydration fluids like Gatorade or other isotonic drinks are essential.
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