Getting Started

All you need to know about getting started in Hong Kong

Essential Equipment, the no brainers!

You've got your bike but before you hit the trails make sure you buy these essential bits of kit. They could save your life

The difference between hardtail and suspension bikes and whats right for you

Bike technology has advanced over the years. these days it's not a matter of budget that decides the kind of bike but your riding style. should it be a hardtail or a full susser? find out whats best for HK trails


Protections and Padding

The fact is your going to get thrown and thrown hard. Whether its head first down a twenty foot gully or a huge wipe out on a sandy burm, and its going to hurt, hurt real bad. That is why more riders these days are padding up

Riding through it all

Hong Kong definitely has seasons, but biking is possible practically year-around. Just make sure you're prepared...


What is a Mountain Bike

A Mountain bike or All Terrain Bike (ATB), is a specially designed bike that can be ridden over rough and hostile terrain

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