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Everything you need to know about the Hong Kong mountain bike scene: from advice for beginners, mountain bike skills lessons and fitness tips. Current news and riders views, and how to get by with a bike in Hong Kong, and more....

Essential Equipment, the no brainers!

You've got your bike but before you hit the trails make sure you buy these essential bits of kit. They could save your life

What is a Mountain Bike

A Mountain bike or All Terrain Bike (ATB), is a specially designed bike that can be ridden over rough and hostile terrain

Be prepared, be very prepared!

You've got your bike and all the basic gear, nows the time to start considering other bits of equipment that will make up your biking kit

Protections and Padding

The fact is your going to get thrown and thrown hard. Whether its head first down a twenty foot gully or a huge wipe out on a sandy burm, and its going to hurt, hurt real bad. That is why more riders these days are padding up

Fitting a bike

When it comes to choosing a bike, on size definitely does not fit all, check out these handy tips to help you get a bike that fits like a glove



All you need to know about getting started in Hong Kong

Guided rides and skills courses

For the new to HK finding your way around the labryinth of trails can be a real nightmare and having the necessary skills to be able to ride some of these trails can be a real challenge. But help is to hand a few companies in HK are offering skills courses and guided rides

Day tripping

Few companies in Hong Kong offer the novice or new rider better opportunities to brush up on skills and find out where to put those skills to practice

The mountain biking skills section will teach you a set of fundamental skills that will make your riding safer and faster. The lessons listed bellow were developped by Julien Lallemand as an answer to the technical difficulty of Hong Kong trails for beginners and intermediate level mountain bikers.
This mountain biking skills section will teach you a set of fundamental skills that will make your riding safer, better and faster. This section's content is brought to you by Julien Lallemand. Julien developed a mountain bike skills teaching method and taught regular mountain bike skills clinics in Hong Kong
Here are some special tips to remember when you hit the trails or when  the trail hits you right back in Hong Kong!

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