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Riding Weather

7 years 3 months ago #3464 by pilGrim
Riding Weather was created by pilGrim
The weather has been nice and cool, but do any of you monitor the pollution conditions? The 2.5 index has been really high for about 2 months now. I rode TMS Downhill when the index was about 170 and really felt it in my lungs after the ride. Had a cough for a few days to clear it all out also. Maybe I am just more sensitive than others but ever since I loaded the HK pollution monitor on my iPhone I find myself obsessing about air quality and have not been riding unless the index is close to 100 or below.

You can monitor here:


There is an android app and for iPhone you load in browser and save to home screen. Site is good as there is a map that allows you to browse to other cities and countries.


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