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Frame Size

11 years 10 months ago #126 by tom
Replied by tom on topic Frame Size
Hi locomocean, I think a 14" frame is in the XS size range and for your height you might be best served by Small. It sucks that many of the shops here do not allow a test ride first, so that you can try the different sizes and find a bike that's a best fit on your own. Its a bit like buying shoes without being able to try them on!

One trick that I have used when sizing my bike is to sit on (or ride it) and when I glance down at the front axle, the handlebars should line up almost exactly with axle. Its also important that the bike feel comfortable (you are not overly flexed or strained) and not it should not interfere with you when pedal aggressively out of the saddle or make turns (i.e., the handlebars should not hit your knees).

Not all is lost. Its probably easier to make a smaller frame fit you than a frame that might be a bit too large. The length and angle of the stem can be changed. You can switch to riser bars. Also there are options with the seatpost in that you get one that is set back a bit. And you can move your seat forward or backwards.


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11 years 10 months ago #125 by locomocean
Frame Size was created by locomocean

Does anyone know if it is ok to have a 14" frame. I was sold a Giant Iguana Disc 14" , been a long time since I rode (8 years) and my old bike is in the UK and was a 17". I stupidly went buying a bike without refreshing my knowledge and trusted the shop to advise me correctly and didn't check the frame size until I got home!!. Anyway should i get it changed, I am short so maybe it is OK (5'7") doesn't feel that bad to ride.

Appreciate any advice.


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