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2Stage Bikes Arrive in Hong Kong

12 years 1 month ago - 12 years 1 month ago #845 by scottfitz
2Stage Bikes Arrive in Hong Kong was created by scottfitz
Now Available in Hong Kong

‘High speed’ and ‘precision control’ are two phrases which don’t sister very often when referring to down hill and free-ride mountain biking. Get on a 2Stage Bike however, hit the track, go all out and feel the power and control beneath you.

2Stage Bikes Ltd is a New Zealand based mountain bike company who specialize in active stable platform technologies. Already renowned for their unique bike frame designs and capabilities they are bound for Hong Kong hills and are sure to take the market by storm. 2Stage Bikes have broken all boundaries, creating a bike that utilizes twin air shocks and a key pivotal system which keeps energy loss to a minimum.

How does it work?
In short, one shock is tailored for small bumps and a second shock tailored for big bumps. Whilst the second shock automatically locks out during pedaling efforts, the first shock remains active for the small bumps, however should the terrain demand the 2Stage a seamless transition is made and the active platform smoothes the way, making it an incredibly efficient bike to pedal and giving the rider utmost control in more extreme environments with energy to burn for longer.

Have a look at the website www.2Stagebikes.com and then contact me for your demo and questions.

Scott 61177405
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