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Garmin 705

12 years 3 months ago #689 by Hayze
Replied by Hayze on topic Garmin 705
Hi Ed,

The Garmin Edge 705 is great! It works well as a GPS & training tool/timer.
In the training center software you can view you ride path, time, elevation, distance, heart rate, speed, all sorts of things. You can view the ride path in Training Center & also in google earth.

It is quite a ruged little thing. Dont ask how I found that out! Maps are downloadable from the internet but the Southeast Asia map only comes on a micro SD card. The 705 supports a max of a 2Gig card but that is ample as the maps are only about 100MB. I have Australia & HK maps with room for a lot more.

It is very simple to use & easy to read. Drop me a PM if you want to know more.


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12 years 3 months ago #681 by bingalingding
Garmin 705 was created by bingalingding

Putting a post out there to see if there are any other Garmin 705 users in HK who could share their experinces with such a device-

Does it work in HK?
What maps do you use?
Is it of use to you as a navigation device or just as a recap / training device?

Thoughts appreciated before I make the plunge.


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