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Lion Rock Park and Kam Shan Park v. Tai Lam Park

9 years 1 month ago - 9 years 1 month ago #1911 by annoporci
because I live in Kowloon Tong, it would be convenient to bike nearby in Lion Rock Park and Kam Shan Park, I know the trails from jogging there and there are places where you can take a bike, if you're willing to carry it at times, but I haven't taken a bike there yet, only been there running, has anyone experimented there? are there serious problems, like feasibility, legality, etc.? any specific trails or routes you'd recommend?

I hardly ever see anyone on these trails, is there a risk of being fined for disturbing the monkeys and the dogs with my bike?

I understand that Tai Lam country park is the recommended place for mountainbiking in HK, but it seems quite far out for me, not the distance per se but the distance PLUS the exhaust fumes along the way, how do you guys get there? I don't have a car, do you take your bike on the bus? in a cab? any way to go from Kowloon Tong to Tai Lam country park by trails and carbondioxide-free roads?


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