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11 years 7 months ago #615 by ratcat
Replied by ratcat on topic More potential trails
There are a whole lot of these trails all over that mountain. Especially good and plentyful is the Tsing Fai Tong and the Yuen Tun area but all illegal though. But during weekends there are a lot of hikers in that area on prime time (9am-4pm). We usually go there at night. There are trail maps on sale at mountain gear shops, get one and you can explore a lot of different rides.......
Get one and "you'll have a brand new way of looking at the world"....Easy Riders

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11 years 8 months ago #612 by econbus
More potential trails was created by econbus
After riding the Ho Pui DH on Saturday I cycled back up via the loop trail around the top of the reservoir. Nearly arriving back at the head of the DH, I took a right turn and pushed up a steep, rocky but rideable (downhill) path. As i ascended there was a short section of steps and the path came to a junction which led back to the Kap Lung Trail or off towards Route Twisk. I took the Route Twisk option which consisted of a fantastic smooth uphill section which eventually came out at M162 on the top road which leads back to route Twisk. Ridden in reverse, this would be a fantastic DH section of about 3 or 4 minutes duration, starting with the aforsaid smooth and very fast section followed by some steps then one dismount to cross a stream and finally a short very steep and technical downhill which would connect you to the loop trail above Ho Pui, presenting you with more DH options both left or right. All in all, it would be an excellent addition to the network of legal trails in this area.

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