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Trail Work in Discovery Bay!!!

10 years 5 months ago - 10 years 5 months ago #543 by tom
Replied by tom on topic Trail Work in Discovery Bay!!!
Not sure what you mean by "db management" but an absence of suitable trails would make one think mismanagement!

Best way to start is with a hoe and hedge shears and just try to improve sections that are damaged or need some re-routing or clearing. Take a few baby steps before you drop the big bucks on the power tools and plan something bigger.

Expect to be disappointed by the lack of support from fellow riders. Most MTBers work very hard all week long (Sat included) and generally prefer to spend what little free time they have riding and not maintaining trails!

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10 years 5 months ago #542 by mitchelsan
Replied by mitchelsan on topic Trail Work in Discovery Bay!!!
Thanks for all the insight specially the part which mentions DB out of the country parks reach, although the intention is to create an environment or an outlet for more choices to MTB riders to choose from and who knows maybe one day it may become a venue for one of the local races. At this time we are in the baby stage of thsi project as far as expertice of building trails whereas not all have the "vision/know how" as to build trails so on that subject we will definaltely need all the help we can get in order to get it right from the first try or so. Thank you guys for your insight and feel free to share as much of your expertice as possible in order to build a stronger trail building brigade which in turn once we get going hopefully we can be of use in other areas in HK in the future. I think that maybe during the beginning as usual it will be a short few and once the rest start seeing the results hopefully more people will join in, my only concern would be DB mamagement and how to apporach them once we get going and somehow get noticed by it...



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10 years 5 months ago #538 by BeardedBlunder
Replied by BeardedBlunder on topic Trail Work in Discovery Bay!!!
DB like other areas (lamma) fall out of country parks which make them ideal for trail development

a few years back there was some interest from the DB management office to build trails but that has seemed to dried up!

There is such a large contingent of riders living in DB that you might want to approach them

as tom says there is nothing better than building then riding a trail but to have trails in your own back yard i think the imputous must be more on the people who live there, despite what tom says it can be hard work even with tools - (three of the most active trail builders on lamma are now out of action or cannot build trails anymore as its stuffing there - sides/back and hip up!)

you may get some support but i think the rallying call and driving force must come from DB guys or why else would someone travel say 2 hours dig all day for a trail that he may only use once every two months

This doesnt just apply to DB but all of HK wouldnt it be great if the riders who live in certain areas where to take it upon themselves to dig trails just like what has been done on lamma!

if you are intent on creating trails and need expert advice to get started there is no shortage their! just let us know you intents and we will see if we can advice


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10 years 5 months ago - 10 years 5 months ago #537 by tom
Replied by tom on topic Trail Work in Discovery Bay!!!
I think you hit the nail on the head when you say its "volunteers" that make the difference in the sport. Its hard work but there is nothing better than riding a trail that you built and then seeing a stranger using it a few weeks later. That's the spirit that has driven the expansion of Lamma's trail network over the years.

Trail building and maintenance is not all that difficult to do - when planning a new trail the most important things to think about:

- does it connect with another?
- can it be used in both directions?
- is it erosion proof (avoid steep uphills)?
- will be used by other groups as well?
- does it make good use of the available land?
- avoid straight lines!
- exploit as many natural features as possible to make the trail more fun!
- do you have permission from the land owner?

Also a well used trail tends to stay clear and open and remain relatively maintenance free year-round so encourage runners, dog walkers and hikers to get out a share them with you.

On the tools front I'de recommend the following:

- folding hand saws, pruning shears, hedge clippers
- gas powered brush trimmer
- hoes, shovels, pick axe
- rakes
- sledge hammer for rocks
- safety! wear a full face visor when using the trimmer or breaking rocks
- contour maps (centamap or maps downloaded from HKMBA) are huge help in identifying new areas to exploits that have gentle gradients.

From my experience in the wilds of Canada, in relatively light bush and gentle gradients a team of three (one at front with the trimmer, and two guys with rakes and hoes following behind) should be able to knock out about 200-300m of new trail in about 4-5 hours.

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10 years 5 months ago #536 by mitchelsan
Trail Work in Discovery Bay!!! was created by mitchelsan
Hello to Everyone,

I have a things to mention and a few questions as well, we all know about the water catchment resivoir trail in DB. Although at this time it is not a "official" MTB in HK is widely used by the residents and visitors alike that come to have some fun on the trail. At this point the loop is somewhat run down bush is quite overgrown and of course erosion in some parts of the track have turned into potential medcal bills for riders. I would like to know if we can put an organized effort to do some maintanance of the trail? There are quite a few areas within DB Mountain range that can be turned into great DH tracks/Freeride and XC trails. In one particular area right before the water cathcment out in the mountain where "Lookout Point" ends there are a few small tracks not connected yet that with a little bit of effort can be turned into great beginner/intermediate trails in a controlled enviroment. Up in the hills there are great vantage points for DH freeriding potential trails without having to alter to much of he sorrounding and away from hier coming in from the monastery trail from Mui-Wo. Speaking of Mui-Wo that trail is also quite run down and has all the potential to link DB to Chi-Ma-Wan, as I have hiked way into the way hills past the golf course to link with the almost overgrown trail that use to lead there as an alternate trail to the monastery.

Any efforts to work with what we got already going in DB or do we have to go through all the paper trail?

Do we just get going and when properly finished just posted for people to come out and ride as it is done anywhere else in the globe? Once the imporatnce and economical benefits of it are beyond obvious, possibly the goverment will have no choice but to embrace and "Label" it as is it was there intentions anyways?

No one really has paid to much attention to these trails, even though everyone knows they are there and yet we are not getting organized to develop them and turn them into what we all are pushing for more "real" MTB trails in HK.

Now that the weather is getting cooler I already got in touch with some of the DB riders to get into "grunt" mode and get going pretty soon, as far as insurance for digging and all the other fun stuff in reality is all about training just as anything else to make sure that everyone involved properly trained on how to use the tools and is doing something that they are comfortable with. i.e wheel cart, shovel, picks. etc...

I strongly believe that DB has strong potential for a MTB trail Park that DB management and its users will equally benefit from it. Not having to worry about if they have budget for it or not because they cannot even maintain the existing hicking trails properly, yet support building an MTB trails. Volunteer work is the key and we might as well get going while the weather is getting good for that kind of work and more importanty in an organized fashion so we can maximize our efforts.

Anyone intersted in joining to map out initial trail maintanance of the water catchment trail and getting base training in operating the tools to do the job. Please reply to this thread, leave your email address so we can actually get organized in at least fixing what is already there for everyones enjoyment and potentially once we are more organized and proficient in trail repairs we can keep up the work and branch out to DB to Mui-Wo and the rest of HK!!!

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