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How does Lamma ProjectX compare with Chima Wan.

10 years 5 months ago #448 by Jeff
I was on Project X on Sunday, and I'd forgotten just how tough it is. As the others have said, it's not 'technical' in the way that other HK rides can be, but it's demanding a different way. I'd say that PX requires far more stamina than CMW- there's nowhere on the trail where you can rest as it's a series of continual challenges- twisty climbs and steep descents. The few flat bits tend to be littered with rockgardens. All on narrow singletrack.

If you're on a hardtail, you've got your work cut out for you. It's certainly doable on a hardtail, but your body will be taking a pounding if you're in for the 5 hour version. I'd recommend a couple of things- run reasonably cushy tyres to make up for the lack of rear suspension, and more importantly go out there and check the trail out before the race.

Don't let the above dissuade you. It's a tough route, but it's also really fun. There potential for serious injury is far lower than for CMW, and the route is much better designed than any of the AFCD-sanctioned trails in HK.

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10 years 5 months ago #447 by Jan Ayalin
Replied by Jan Ayalin on topic How does Lamma ProjectX compare with Chima Wan.
Thanks for the great info, at least i've got some kind of an idea now on what to expect. Working with Chima wan for some time now just simply has me equate technical=stairs.
I'm excited to see PX now.... and i have been considering the AA 5hrs MTB tho i have missed the previous ones before. Thanks guys!!

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10 years 5 months ago #446 by tom
Proj-X is entirely pure single track (60cm). There are no straight lines. As you climb, you also get to descend and as you descend you get to climb too!

The uphill is generally not steep, but there are small technical features, such as few hairpin turns and small rocks that can throw off your climbing momentum.

The downhill can has a scary spot or two - especially the drop at the bottom, but once you see someone ride them then you'll wonder what all the anxiety was for!

As Julien said, Proj-X is not dangerous. The entire is trail can be ridden without putting a foot down. But, because its single track you must always be focused and in control of your speed otherwise you can go off track easily.

Its a course that also requires excellent balance and a strong upper body too. Most importantly, you will need the concentration and determination of a chess master to get around it!

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10 years 5 months ago #445 by julien
Project X is less difficult than the worst sections of Chi Ma Wan or Tai Lam CP upper sections. You won't get anywhere where you can brake your neck, you won't get stairs, you won't get high speed like the end of Chi Ma Wan.

But Project X is intense and narrow. Racing on PX requests almost as much technical skills than stamina. All the climbs are possible to ride but they request power and determination. You simply can't take it easy on PX.

There is maybe 10-12 spots hard to ride along the loop, but none or them are dangerous. You can take them slow and still be safe. It's key to study the lines prior the event. The most challenging part – I find – are the technical climbs. They request you to go really hard and to remain extremely focused to stay balanced.

Go to Lamma and work your lines, especially if you're entering the AA 5 hours MTB challenge.

We rode Single speeds, fully rigid bikes (Neil!), XC racers, and all kind of bikes on that trail - the bike isn't such an issue as long as you can handle it!

I guess that you'll see there plenty of riders on the weekends preceding the AA 5 hours endurance race. It's the best time to go and check the lines other are riding.

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10 years 5 months ago - 10 years 5 months ago #444 by Jan Ayalin
I have not been to the lamma trails, and have been contemplating on it. I have heard much about it and so far I have the impression that this trail is pretty much more technical than chima wan.... I have been riding tailam reservoir and chima wan for some time and i could pretty much cover much of the technical sections of chima wan, except for the fridge and stairs from hell and a few more not to mention..... i do find it taxing tho in terms of energy, and i still find the ascents a welcome challenge.
I do not mind taking the spills on the technical sections as its part of the learning curve for me, but i'd like to know if i'd be landing most on dirt or rocky like in chima wan.
Can anyone describe lamma project x to me in comparison to chima wan, i just want to psyche myself on what to expect, as i'm still learning and honing technique and stuff... i would really appreciate it. Also i ride an XC hardtail with a 100mm front suspension. thanks.....

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