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Ho Pui refitted - What we want to do

10 years 7 months ago #430 by jezblanchard
Replied by jezblanchard on topic Ho Pui refitted - What we want to do

they all seem like great solutions, I look forward to playing my part in helping make those plans a reality.

In line with the Erosion topic, i was just watching the video section and the one named TMS top, although quite shaky you can see just how much the old "alternative" now middle line ( first DH section ) has eroded. In the video ( shot when I don't know ) the trail looks quite buff, it just highlights the level of erosion that has taken place.

It is more apparent to me having been off the bike( as i am sure it is for you having been away ), just how the erosion has set in over the last year.


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10 years 7 months ago #396 by julien
Ho Pui refitted - What we want to do was created by julien
Tai Lam counrty park management has asked us to help them fixing Ho Pui DH trail! We are currently writing a proposal and I've copied the main points of this proposal bellow. Please make your comments about it in this thread.

Route Twisk to Ho Pui is the most popular trail in HK with hundreds of rider using it every week. The trail is in a very bad shape in every steep section. The AFCD wants to do something about and called us to give them some bike friendly solutions.

Before making comments please remember that the AFCD will not make a pure DH trail in Ho Pui because it's still a shared trail (with hikers) and their focus is fighting erosion. But we will make our best to have a lot of fun stuff to ride included in the project.

New Route Twisk Trail Head
The trail head is very eroded and soon we will start riding the steps again because the straight will be unridable.
We are proposing a new trail head., starting from the official access (where no one goes!): a single track staring from the highest point and heading for the gully everyone rides now (with now a massive rut in the middle). The single track will describe large curves. The curves will be banked so it will be possible to very fast. We'll use the terraces to give small jumps options.

Fixing Kap Lung Hair Pin and ruts following
AFCD needs to fix the steep section following Kap Leng forest trail connection. We're proposing to make a big berm on the airpin (possibly an wood structure) and give pedestrians a separate access (steps on the left side).
The next 200 meters need to be leveled to get reed of the ruts and allow water drainage. We'll propose to armor the trail with large rock. It's going to be a bit easier to ride than before but it will remain challenging.

Skinny bridge over the landslide
We are proposing a series of "skinnies " to access and go over the landslide. (shinnies are narrow bridges). They would be fun to ride and prevent pedestrians to enter the "Landslide" (This is AFCD's concern about it).

Ho Pui DH track: New twisty start for
The "DH" trac's start is super eroded. It's fun to ride but a better start would be even more fun. We want to propose a more curvy trail with banked corners and jumps. The trail would shoot on the right side 15 meters after the start and curve its way down to the flat area 150 meters further down.

New section with switch-backs
The steep section getting down to the reservoir is damaged beyond repair - nothing can be done without paving the entire way down.

So we propose to reroute the trail and connect it to the "stream crossing" situated lower (first right curve on the lower trail section).
We want to pack this 600 meters section with fun stuff to ride: real banked switch backs, jumps and drop offs of various size and difficulty, all the difficulties will have a bypass for XC rider heading for Tai lam reservoir.

Trail Finish
We're thinking of aligning the power line drop off with a better angle and follow the landing by a series of banked curves that would lead to the terraces gaps side ways, making these terraces possible to be jumped.

Erosion control
We are proposing to install anti-erosion water drainage all along the trail and especially on the "DH" section. These drainage can be designed in a way experienced riders can get airborne.
We will need to fill up most of the deep ruts present on the trail. But we want to do it it in a way that remain challenging.

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