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Trail status reports - HELP NEEDED!

5 years 10 months ago #3335 by brandon
Trail status reports - HELP NEEDED! was created by brandon
Hi guys,

Just rode the new Ho Pui extension this morning, and realized that, like the new entrance, quite a few water-filled ruts have developed. I mentioned this to HM, and he'll arrange filling / outslope work with AFCD when he gets a chance. In the meantime, we need your help reporting current trail conditions for other riders. Feel free to use this forum, link to it, and tell your friends.

As you know, summer in HK is miserably wet. Hosing off your bike, you lose a couple KG worth of soil. That came from somewhere ... in this case, the new trails we've worked hard to build. Being brand new, they haven't had a chance to 'bed in' and be fully compacted, like a normal 'hardpack' contour. So areas where you compress, such as a dip, berm, or jump, get damaged easily.

Nothing wrong with riding in the wet generally, but we have to be especially careful riding new trails when there has been a lot of rain. Consider riding somewhere else when it is super muddy, until we get a chance to do some maintenance / armoring. Tai Lam reservoir drains very well, for example.

Keep a mental note of the weather in the days before your ride, and check the observatory's rainfall map here:


Also check prior days, especially if you're coming from another area. It may have been sunny for the past three days in Aberdeen, but pissing down continuously at Tai Mo Shan, for example.

Having said that, the trails should be mostly dry tomorrow, just watch for puddles.



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