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The Rocky Horror

8 years 5 days ago #3264 by Pk101
Replied by Pk101 on topic The Rocky Horror
lnca switchback to below rocky horror could be widened and used to bypass anyworks to fix that section. Then after can be optional route and hiker path.

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8 years 5 days ago #3263 by bikesteve
Replied by bikesteve on topic The Rocky Horror
Still think the best way is to put a long switchback (or two) in from the existing top entrance of Inca returning to the bottom of Rocky Horror... -Part of it already exists just needs to be done properly i.e. no off camber shenanigans.

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8 years 6 days ago #3255 by brandon
Replied by brandon on topic The Rocky Horror
Yeah I don't think any would complain about an optional reroute, and/or a bit of chipping away at some of the bottom part of it, at least ... switchberms / climbing turns would be a big project though, and it would actually be lower priority - here's what I'm thinking so far:

Phase 1 - extend the 'new entrance' to follow the northeast-bound contour trail further down the mountain, for one complete "blue run" that can be shuttled. Vans can pick up riders at the pagoda where the motorbikes usually hang out, or you can ride back up the road. This meets demand for the large, rapidly-expanding segment of intermediate 'gravity' riders, and hopefully will keep them out of a wheelchair.

Phase 2 - A dedicated all-downhill run linking up to Ho Pui, bypassing the new entrance, starting further up the hill / along the paved park road, joining further than Rocky Horror and avoiding the ascending section of the contour. That way all your uphill is before your run, and vans can apply to shuttle to the start for races and avoid a 30-min slog before a single 3-min run.

Phase 3 - A NEW all-mountain contour trail linking the Helipad area [the highest point of the new entrance to the Tin Fu Tsai section, which in turn will link to the new Tin Man AM/DH trail, which in turn connects to ...

Phase 4 - A NEW all-mountain contour trail on the SOUTH side of Tai Lam Reservoir, allowing riders to ride one continous, flowing and sustainable trail from Twisk to the Dam, and back around to the original reservoir trail [the more enjoyable direction - clockwise] and back to Kam Tin area.

Yes, we're thinking big-picture here ... and as in the case with the new entrance, you get better value-for-effort/money when doing it the right way from scratch than trying to fix a poorly-aligned track that wasn't designed for bikes in the first place.

I will re-post the above in a new thread - feel free to provide feedback / input there

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8 years 6 days ago #3244 by tom
Replied by tom on topic The Rocky Horror
I had no protection apart from a helmet. Unfortunately that side of the mountain does not get enough sum to dry out the mossy rocks and even if things appear dry elsewhere in the park, the Rocky Horror always seems to be a tad greasy. If the off camber aspect to the trail was corrected and perhaps if the traction can be improved by roughing up the rock surface then this can be made safer. Its still a nasty bottleneck when both hikers and bikers meet midway and its impossible to stop or slow down safely as the rules of MTB etiquette suggest.

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8 years 6 days ago #3243 by econbus
Replied by econbus on topic The Rocky Horror
Your accident sounds exactly like mine. the final "chute" has to be taken fairly quickly in order to maintain grip, but then at the bottom, you need to turn left to stay on the trail. This is do-able in dry winter conditions, but when I braked on the wet rocks at the bottom, the bike just carried on and I had to drop it on rocky ground to avoid following the bike off the edge of the trail. My helmet took a huge whack and my shin guard was ripped off - without it, I would be nursing a broken shin right now.
I don't disagree with the purists - I enjoy the challenge of riding it in dry conditions, but it has just become too dangerous to ride in the wet, which means from now until October. There needs to be an alternative route down for those who are not expert level. I was thinking that at the top of the Kap Lung trail, where there is another illegal trail running straight ahead (currently blocked with branches), a new, less steep route could be created with a series of switchbacks. Rocky Horror is every bit as dangerous as the old start to the Ho Pui trail and needs to be fixed as a priority.

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8 years 6 days ago #3242 by tom
Replied by tom on topic The Rocky Horror
I don't know of a single rider who has not had a rough moment or two on the Rocky Horror (or Helicopter Alley as some call it). Some very experienced riders have taken nasty spills there. Juien sprained an ankle, Chairman Bob messed up his wrist, others have broken legs or dislocated shoulders.

That section of trail has a sudden off camber flushing out effect near the bottom and just as you might think you made it through safely the trail seems to have a nasty surprise waiting as if your bike just takes off. If there is a hint of moisture and your front tire is not as grippy as you would like...wham! Even walking can be treacherous with cleats on... then add in the hikers who are clinging to the slope and then its a real red zone...

My last crash left me with a badly bruised shoulder and leg. When I looked down at my leg I though the bone was sticking out but that was just a big golf ball sized pool of blood under the skin. I even knocked a 12 inch chunk of rock out of the wall.

If there is one piece of trail that I would like see addressed immediately then this is it. Some of the purists who think this section "weeds out the men from the boys" may shudder at this suggestion, but I say take a few of those ubiquitous jack hammers to this section and we'll all be the better for it!

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8 years 6 days ago #3241 by Lennart Finkeldey
Replied by Lennart Finkeldey on topic The Rocky Horror
Sounds terrible! Hope you had a lot of protection with you and didn't get hurt too much!
I remember I basically rode down the downhill section as slow as possible. Don't want
to imagine how accidents look when going fast.

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8 years 1 week ago #3240 by econbus
The Rocky Horror was created by econbus
I rode the new section starting at Route Twisk on Saturday. Despite the slippery ground from weeks of rain, it was a lot of fun and there are some really nice jumps to be attempted in drier conditions. It wasn't so much fun further down the trail - I had a big crash at the bottom of Rocky Horror - came down with too much speed on the last slope and hit the ground hard trying to brake into the turn at the bottom. This short section of trail is lethal when wet and an alternative route needs to be built or there will be lots more accidents like mine. The last section of the trail down to the road is superb - still challenging, but much more rideable than before, with a couple of new jumps thrown in.

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