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Ho Pui Downhill Section

8 years 1 month ago #3186 by Pk101
Replied by Pk101 on topic Ho Pui Downhill Section
Hey Lennart !

First off, you are always going to get mixed abilities on any trail. If you hear people coming up behind you and you are holding them up or you see a bunch of guys about to launch down a trail...let them go ahead.

You will progress faster and learn a trail the more you ride it so dont avoid it altogether. Just make sure to hike the bike over or around anything that you cant manage being aware of those around you.
You will start to annoy people if you take a break right in the middle of a jump or blind corner and possibly getting in a collision.

You can take the road half way down the Route Twisk forest track and join up with the Ho Pui contour trail about halfway. Its the road going down before you reach Tin Fu Tsai North trail.
You will need to hike the bike down some stairs but it is the only legal entrance after the trailhead.

..or you could approach from Sui Lam/Gold Coast side and hit Tai Lam loop sraight away.

I would stick with it and just be careful. Its annoying that is the hardest and scariest section in the park as soon as you hit the trail. Nothing quite prepares you for it.

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8 years 1 month ago #3185 by Lennart Finkeldey
Ho Pui Downhill Section was created by Lennart Finkeldey
Hello everyone.

Here's a question regarding the downhill section of Ho Pui.
Last week I rode this section, and being a beginner, I was really slow compared to some of the other guys.
Anyway, my question is, should I as a slow rider even ride the downhill part or is there a way to get to Tai Lam Reservoir by avoiding the downhill part?

My concern is that I might be an annoyance if not a danger to those who ride it fast. I was lucky that during my descend, there was no one going downhill, but when I was on top, I saw how fast people go down there, and it got me worrying about it ever since.

What do you suggest? (actually, the downhill part is quite fun, even though I can't ride it as fast).

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