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Suggest Tai Lam Trail CP Improvements Here

8 years 1 month ago - 8 years 1 month ago #3140 by Pk101
Replied by Pk101 on topic Suggest Tai Lam Trail CP Improvements Here
Its great to hear that the relationship with AFCD Mgmt is healthy and that frequent meetings are taking place.

All of the MTB trails in the country park are shared trails except for IMBA's trails up the top near route twisk.

If they wanted to make it safer for hikers during Trailwalker or anything similar, why build a hump/jump bang in the middle of the trail reinforced with concrete. Surely safer to trip on a root than a catch a block of concrete. The patching up of the roots is also breaking up already.

Im happy to start taking photo's and ploting positions for AFCD. Is it something they are willing to recieve. Has it been discussed. Would rather give them suggestions instead of waiting and seeing what happens.

Can I suggest a new topic be started where all HKMBA members can suggest or give input on what desperately needs attention and a wish list of sorts?

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8 years 1 month ago - 8 years 1 month ago #3139 by brandon
I don't think anyone will complain about the new line that climbs past those rocks ... it was always a b&%^ to get up. As for the covered roots, remember this is also a hiking trail - lots of events, like Trailwalker, are held overnight, and roots like those are lethal when all you have to see with is a tiny headlamp.

We talked to AFCD about a number of measures for this section that could avoid user conflict - such as reroutes for MTB'ers that bypass the stairs and avoiding blind corners where there may be collisions. Generally, making it safer, more rideable, and more fun.

What you guys can do is take photos like these at locations that need work / re-routing, and we can compile a list of proposed improvements for the next phase of trailwork. They've got the money allocated for this already - we just need to help them prioritize what needs doing.

If you can, include a GPS location/coordinates when you take the photo, so we can give precise locations [rather than 'that rocky bit after you have to push past the ledge after the jump' etc.]

Thanks guys,


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