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New Hong Kong Resident Introduction

5 years 1 month ago #3423 by YW-Slayer
Replied by YW-Slayer on topic New Hong Kong Resident Introduction
Welcome to HK in advance!

Yes, as blackcolour said, for travel on the MTR, just avoid peak hours and don't try and draw too much attention to yourself. Of course, it's much safer and more convenient to leave the front wheel on the bike (just don't ride it!).

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5 years 1 month ago #3422 by Kootenai Rider
Replied by Kootenai Rider on topic New Hong Kong Resident Introduction
Thank you for the quick response. I do apologize for putting my original post in the advocacy section, that was mistake.

This is all excellent information. Once I get to HK and then get bike, I will definitely get more involved with group.

It is excellent to hear that MTR rail is OK to take bike. I am courteous and as long as ok for non-peak hours, that is perfect to take bike. If I can take bike to major places and then ride to where I need to be, even if is farther than most would prefer...that is ok. I am maybe kind of dumb that way. :D

I have only been to HK as extended tourist for previous work and am looking forward to being there as resident!!!

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5 years 1 month ago #3421 by blackcolour
Replied by blackcolour on topic New Hong Kong Resident Introduction
Hello Paul,

First of all, welcome to Hong Kong! (Although you're not here yet..)

Transporting bikes in Hong Kong is not ideal, although it has become better over the years. All MTR lines (with the exception of Airport Express I think) allow bikes on-board as long as 1) you take your front wheel off (one daft rule to be put in place); 2) you travel in the first or last carriage and 3) avoid in and out at rush hour in one of the major interchange stations. Many people do travel with bikes on MTR these days and so if you see there are lots of bikers in a carriage, perhaps you can do other commuters a favour by waiting for the next train.

You are fine with ferry, but none of the buses in Hong Kong allow you to bring bikes on-board. I think it would be a great idea if they can do a bike shuttle service on the weekends in the Tai Mo Shan region (I don't mind paying a little more) but people have said I'm insane for suggesting this. If you frame isn't too big, and you take at least one wheel off, you might be able to get the bike into the rear passenger space in a taxi and you go sit in the front.

If you are riding with a few companions, these most convenient and economical method to travel would be to hire a van. A van can take 5 people and 5 bikes. Van fare from Ma On Shan to Tai Mo Shan would be about US$20-25. As you have said, if you are looking to go to Tin Ping Shan, you can get the MTR.

With bikes, go to Specialized showroom in Yaumati, as well as Bullbike (a large shop with almost anything you can buy) round the corner of Specialized. Flying Ball in Cheung Sha Wan is also fairly reputable but stuff can be pricey. With Trek, I think you have to get to Chung Yung which is Sheung Shui (near Ting Ping Shan) as they are the authorised dealer in Hong Kong.

Happy to ride together, I long to meet other members of this forum too.

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5 years 1 month ago #3420 by Kootenai Rider
New Hong Kong Resident Introduction was created by Kootenai Rider
I am just moving to Hong Kong from USA next week. I have found your club website and have been studying the trails. When I first arrive I will not have a bicycle with me, though intend to purchase a new bike soon.

In the past I have had a Specialized SX Trail Enduro, and also a Specialized Hard Rock. I will most likely be purchasing another Enduro, or full suspension XC bike as I will be using it to commute on sometimes.

In addition to mountain biking in USA, I am a avid motor biker - riding Enduro, Harescramble, Desert Races, EnduroX, and the occasional MotoX race.

I would like to meet up with your group and ride sometime once I arrive. I am going to be living in Ma On Shan. I think I will have to travel a lot to get to the trails. The trails on Lamma island look very fun to me. The Ting Ping Shan trails look to be closest to me.

I have question for bike transport. Can I take my bike on City Busses or on the MTR Railway? I ask since I could take MTR Railway from my place to the Ferry terminal to get to Lamma.

MTR Website was not clear if I could bring bike.

Thank you in advance for any advice you can give.

Also, I have been looking at some different shops, Sunny Bike out on Lantau, plus some up in Tai Po Market area. Are there any specifics I should look at. I would prefer a Specialized, though looks like there is a good Giant and Trek presence.


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