Advocacy 推廣越野單車活動

Advocacy activities and efforts

New roads to developing sustainable trails

The future for managed mountain biking in Hong Kong country parks will likely see additional development of a mountain bike trail networks.

Work has begun to work with AFCD in both Tai Lam Country Park and Lantau Country park to expand the trail networks to possibly include forest tracks for beginners and families, off-road cross-country trails for more experienced bikers and downhill and free-ride trail options, all of which branch-out from a central starting location, (such as the car park at Route Twisk), multiple exit points at the Gold Coast, Tai Tong and Ho Pui. It is possible that this cycling ‘hub’ will also provide value added services such as restaurant/café, van hire for shuttle runs, bike wash facilities rental and repair facilities.


This section section shows all the future projects, ideas, plans and goals the HKMBA is willing to achieve. If you are able to contribute to, endorse or sponsor any of our projects please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
This section shows trails within the country parks that could be open to mountain biking activities

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