Trail Proposal Development


Bryon at TMS

Mountain biking is gaining official acceptance within the country parks and its governing bodies. They recognize the need to address the increased concerns of the growing number of mountain bikers that use the trails.

HKMBA is in the process of developing a Trail Development Programme that aims to optimize Government, private sector contractors and HKMBA volunteers resources and expenditure.

With sustainable design and construction methodologies used from the outset for new trails, long-term maintenance costs will be reduced. 

The use of volunteers presents the Government with the ability to have labour intensive work performed in remote locations, through the use of highly mobile and motivated mountain bike volunteers.

This proposal that is underway will allow for a comprehensive plan to address trail needs in the present as well as in years to come.

It is critical that we present this proposal to diverse set of audiences to gain the widest possible understanding and acceptance. included but not limited to:

  • AFCD
  • LCSD
  • HK Cycling Association
  • Hiker and other outdoor groups
  • HK Tourism board
  • Commercial business's
  • Other government agencies
  • Press and news media

As always HKMBA is committed to working with all parties in a constructive and mutually beneficial manner to achieve success.