Share the trail



Slow down as soon as you see someone on the trail or on country park roads.
Slow down on blind corners if you are not sure the trail is clear.


When riding in a group and about to ride a downhill section, send one group member one minute ahead so he can warn other trail users that a group is coming. Tell them how many riders are following: “3 riders behind!”. Pedestrians will generally wait on the side for the group to pass.


Always say Hello!
Say what side you are about are to pass someone on the trail or a group of people: “on YOUR right!”.
If overtaking is not possible because the pedestrian can’t stand on the trail side, wait until it’s possible to overtake. NEVER force your way. Always be polite to other trail users

If you encounter a large group on the trail, slow down and stop. If the trail is narrow just stop and let them pass - pedestrians always have right of way on any vehicle, bikes included.

If you frighten a trail users because you came too fast and stopped at the very last moment (this happens to all of us): stop and apologize sincerely, take the blame humbly and try to calm the situation down, tell them you will be more careful next time. NEVER respond aggressively.

If a friend has frightened hikers and didn’t stop to apologize, stop and apologize for him. Then talk to your friend about the consequence of his act.


Stay on the left side of CP roads, especially on blind corners where vehicles can appear coming fast from the opposite direction.
Stay left and slow down when facing a large group of hikers.
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