HKMBA projects - what we do - how to help

The HKMBA has  many objectives which may radically change the way we ride in Hong Kong. Our mission is to come up with constructive and imaginative proposals to present to the government, sponsors and people who have interests in helping our sport develop in Hong Kong.

  • Promoting safer riding and trail sharing
    The HKMBA will promote better and safer riding, respect to other trail users, and sustainable riding practices. We will make numerous proposals to improve and extend the existing trail network. We will make new comprehensive regulation proposals in order to share trails more harmoniously with other trail users.
  • Improving relationship with hiker groups
    The HKMBA will promote a positive image of mountain biking to hiking groups. We will show that it is in the hiker interest to let the Hong Kong Country Parks develop new mountain bike trail networks away from popular hiking trails and to have bike only trails for downhill riding. We will also work with hiking groups to gain a better understanding of there needs.
  • New trails outside the country parks
    The HKMBA wants to develop a new trail outside of the country parks, to showcase trail design and trail management. To do so we are hoping to get support from private companies, local councils and local businesses as well as donations from individuals.
  • Setting new trail maintenance standards
    The HKMBA is planning to work with the AFCD  (Country Parks) to set maintenance and trail improvement standards that favours mountain bike use. Today no such standard exists.
  • Promoting mountain biking to the LCSD
    The HKMBA will promote mountain biking development to the LCSD who is responsible for building sport’s facilities in Hong Kong.
  • Promoting business related to mountain biking in HK
    The HKMBA will try to convince residents and business owners, of the positive benefits of an increase of cycling visitors. We will help them to think creatively and make better business out of mountain biking activities.
  • International downhill track
    The HKMBA will put forward a proposal for a mountain biking downhill course. This course will follow international UCI standards and will give Hong Kong a venue to organize high profile events.

How can you help us to make this happen?

  • We need you to talk about it. We need you to give us some feed back.
  • Keep reading this section of the HKMBA website.
  • If you think you know something relevant to help the cause, tell us. (contacts, professional advice).
  • If you or your company see a business opportunity in our proposals please contact us.
  • If you or your company can make a donation please contact us.
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