The AFCD faces three problems and they would like to see them resolved.


- Trail erosion on DH sections

- Reduction of contact between hikers and bikers on the existing trails

- Eliminate illegal trail riding


 HKMBA has demonstrated that the existing trail network is woefully inadequate both in terms of quantity and design and thus is at the root of the problems.


Separate DH sections and XC sections that allow for continuous, and concentric loops with their own points of single entry/exit would dramatically improve the situation in the park.


The concept we promote and continue to promote with AFCD and all entities, both govn't and non govn't, is that a well designed MTB trail system will benefit a wide audience and reduce conflicts and trail destruction. We are not so much asking for "more" trails but better designed networks of trails. By using existing "underutilized" trails we can solve a problem and in such a way that has very little impact on the existing ecosystems.


We have also stressed that concrete does not constitute a mountain bike trail as is the case in so much of Hong Kong. 


HKMBA has identified areas within the park that could be utilized to expand the trail network and have mimimum impact on hikers and the terrain itself.


Based on this concept HKMBA is putting togeter three proposals.


1- Plan to divert and repair damaged DH sections

2- Find alternative routes to divert MTB traffic within existing framework of trials

3- Develop a comprehensive plan to build a sustainable XC course that can be used by a wider variety of riders.


We will begin work on these items immidiatey.


In addition we will approach other organizations within HK to obtain funds to run these projects.


We will also need to begin to lobby the people who sit on the board of AFCD. Theser are civilicans who have a vote on what projects move forward, they are not AFCD employees but represent the community interests.


As always we need your help in doing all this. We have 4 of us working on it right now and need more hands to get this done.


This is all really possible but we need to keep up the momentum and all help out....


Bob Smith



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