Lead or Join a Ride 

I can't tell you how many times I have heard the question "I am new to mountain biking and want to find other riders to go out with?". 

And a good question it is. Not every ride has to be a thrash test. Sometimes it is fun just to go out for a nice causal ride with a dip in the water or chat under the shade of a tree. After some more riding maybe it is capped off with a pint or two.

By joining in on these types of rides you get to meet other MTBers who may have a similar skill level as you and potentially someone you can ride with again. Plus you now know of another trail you can ride.

How about for the veterans of MTBing here in Hong Kong. Maybe you would like to share a good ride out with other biking enthusiasts. Or maybe you just want to be a plain nice person. Well what ever the reason it can sure be a fun day out.

So if you want to lead or join a ride go into our forum section under  "on yer bike"