History lesson

The Hong Kong Mountain Bike Association (HKMBA), was officially founded as an legal entity in Hong Kong on August 14, 1992. For the past 16 years HKMBA has led advocacy efforts to promote Mountain Biking in Hong Kong. The work and effort that has gone into gaining acceptance for our sport and getting a (limited) number of trails opened has been tremendous.

Where we are today

As a result of these efforts, the growing interest in the sport and the government's recognition of the need for additional trails, the time is right to once again organize ourselves and move our cause forward. We will promote mountain biking as a safe and viable sport in Hong Kong for Chinese and Westerners alike.

The greatest challenge we have faced in the past and still face is the quality and quantity of trails to ride on. There are more hikers and bikers than ever on a limited number of usable trails. The legal trails we have access to do not meet the needs of the ever-increasing number of mountain bikers using them.

One of the primary objectives of HKMBA is therefore to work towards improving and expanding the existing network of trails in Hong Kong Country Parks and other viable land areas.

Our Vision

HKMBA envisions that Hong Kong’s mountain bikers will be accepted as legitimate, responsible trail users, opinion leaders, reliable volunteers, committed stakeholders and valued participants in land management decisionmaking, through an expanded, sustainable organizational infrastructure and membership.

Our Strategic Plan

Measurement of success will be determined by the HKMBA’s ability to achieve the goals, strategies and tactics set forth in this document in a timely manner.

Our devlopment plan is beautifully laid out here:

As this Strategic Planning Document provides the mission, vision, values and overall direction to the HKMBA, it is also understood that the goals, strategies, tactics and measurements are a dynamic portion of this Document. The goal is to ensure that the HKMBA can properly respond to the cycling community, government, and membership to address the changing needs of the mountain biking in Hong Kong, now and for years to come.

In closing

The success of our efforts lies in the collective contributions of all participants (volunteers) and as such this organization belongs to all mountain bikers who wish to participate. HKMBA seeks to be the voice of all mountain bikers in Hong Kong, not just a select few.

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