Hong Kong Mountain Bike Association

Primary Objectives

The primary objective the Hong Kong Mountain Bike Association (HKMBA) is to promote the improvement and expansion of the existing network of trails in Hong Kong Country Parks and other viable land areas for mountain bike access. For the past 16 years HKMBA has lead advocacy efforts working with government officials and private organizations to promote the interests of mountain bikers and mountain biking as a safe and viable sport in Hong Kong to be enjoyed by all.As a result of these efforts, the growing interest in the sport and the governments recognition of the need for additional trails, HKMBA will put forth a plan to expand the existing network of trails to better accommodate all parties.

The greatest challenge we have faced in the past and still face is the quality and quantity of trails to ride on. There are more hikers and bikers then ever on a limited number of usable trails. The legal trails we have access to do not meet the needs of the increasing number of mountain bikers using them, thus increasing the chances of conflicts between bikers and hikers. HKMBA seeks to reduce these incidents as much as possible by suggesting the expansion of existing trails and opening of new trails to mountain bikers.

The HKMBA seeks to be the voice of all mountain bikers in Hong Kong; Chinese, Westerners, beginners, experienced riders, residents and visitors alike.


HKMBA will promote:

  • The Interests of mountain bikers in Hong Kong
  • The safe sharing of trails for all outdoor enthusiasts
  • The development of new trails and improvement of existing trail networks
  • The upkeep and maintenance of trails though volunteer efforts
  • Access to public transportation
  • Mountain biking events, both competitive and non competitive
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