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This site has a few important roles:
  • To create an active and connected mountain biking community within Hong Kong
  • To inform the MTB community about mountain biking projects, ideas and progress towards making Hong Kong a better place to live and ride a mountain bike.
  • To provide a one-stop portal for the HK Mountain Biking community. The forum allows bikers to share their thought with each other and you will also find essential information on how to participate in this exciting sport in HK including maps, advice, biking tips... and so much more! We also have galleries, classifieds, an events calendar, a Rider's forum, and many more features yet to come!.

Here is how our site is laid out:

The main navigation menu,

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Here you’ll find te following menu choices:

Home - Takes you back to the front page of the site
About HKMBA - provides key background on the association.
Support -  tells you how you can support the HKMBA's efforts to make HK a better place to ride a mountain bike.
Advocacy - shows you how we are trying to improve the overall mountain biking situation in HK.
MTB in Hong Kong - is the community area of our site. You’ll find that all you need to know to ride a mountain bike in HK. We have tips on how to start mountain biking, skills lessons for beginners, feature stories, an events list, and lots of other goodies!
Trail Guide is a complete list of Hong Kong's official Country park trails. Every trail guide comes with a Google Maps view for you to locate the trail heads. You can download a high resolution PDF maps of a few of them by entering our Downloads area (we will be adding more, so stay tuned).
The Rider’s forum - allows you to participate in or create new discussions threads. Please write in Chinese or English - whichever one that you feel most comfortable using.


Mountain Biking in HK Left Menu

The gallery holds photos/videos of features, events, rides, travels or other MTB related stuff. If you have a collection of photos or videos from an event or trip that you would like to share then we will be happy to display them here. Please contact the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for assistance.

MTB links
Here are links related to mountain biking in Hong Kong. Other MTB sites, organizations, shops, events, travel - it’s all here.

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On this side of the page you will find special contextual modules appearing such as Google Maps or photos related to a story.

This site is for you and we sincerely hope that you enjoy it and can make good use of its features. Please spread the word and tell your friends to visit www.hkmba.org !!
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